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Fixed in 1.04 [1.0.2] Small visualisation bug + Dutch translation issue
Google has rejected MobileSheetsPro as being designed for tablets because I don't use enough of the screen when viewing the library. They claim I should break it up, use multiple panes for content, and employ other techniques to make better use of the screen width. If I want them to approve the app as being designed for tablets, I'm going to have to make some design changes. I'm just not really sure if it's worth the effort. The one thing I can think to do is, in landscape orientation, to move the filters to the left half of the screen, and use the right half of the screen to show the song list. This would provide better use of the available screen height. One thing I'm not terribly crazy about, but is a possibility, is to split the screen when selecting/viewing group types (setlists, genres, artists, etc), so that the left half would be the currently selected group, and the right half would be the list of songs. On smaller tablets, this doesn't sound like it would be very usable, but on larger tablets, it could be an improvement.

I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on this.

First, is there hard info to support any advantages, and what they are, of the 'tablet' category vs the 'phone'. Does it change exposure levels to possible users, for example.
Second, will changing just the search bar in landscape meet the minimum requirements or are you going to have to diddle around with more to satisfy them, like doing the same to the edit screen.
Third, are a few changes to the landscape mode all that is needed.
If 'no' is more than likely the answer to all three, I think it's not worth the bother. You have a program that works extremely well as is, so why change for what 'might be better'. It may be more advantages to make a statement on the description page[s] to the effect it is more efficient on larger tablets, xx inches and above.

If you decide to make the search bar mod, I suggest it be to the right side because of the touch capabilities of the filters. Left/right selectable may be better depending on coding requirements.
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(04-22-2015, 03:45 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Google has rejected MobileSheetsPro as being designed for tablets because I don't use enough of the screen when viewing the library. ...... I'm just not really sure if it's worth the effort.

I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on this.

I'm not sure my thoughts are suitable for a public forum that could be read by children.

Google Android is hardly the most efficient or best operating system in the world and they allow manufacturers/suppliers to diddle around with it to suit their own marketing requirements at the peril of app designers, yet they try and enforce a stupid rule on you because they're not happy with the way you use the real estate of the screen!!  Of course, the idiots who dreamed up this nonsense are almost certainly not musicians and have never used the app in a real life situation to see how it works in practice - that would be far too easy/logical.

Unless you (or others) feels an absolutely compelling need to change things  - and I don't - leave it as it is.  Just make a statement that it's not suitable for small displays (already there, although I think even a 7" screen hardly fits the bill) and let the potential users determine for themselves how small a screen they can get away with. 

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I don't want to focus my time and energy on something that would only provide marginal improvements, if any. Plenty of bigger fish to fry!
(04-19-2015, 05:37 PM)Rey_a Wrote: Mike,

I normally have "Show Caption" set to OFF in the "Song Title Formatting" (library text size 18, tablet in landscape mode).

On my Acer DA22HQL, when long pressing a song in a library screen, the hight of a songline changes (increases) when the selection appears.
As a consequence, the selected line is no longer under my finger, but a bit lower. Sometimes it's no longer on the screen if I chose a song near the bottom of the screen.
With "Show Caption" set to ON, this does not happen.

The issue does not happen (whatever the "Show Caption" setting) on my Samsung SM-T900, also landscape mode, text size 18

While looking into this, I also noticed a small error in the Dutch translation (which is excellent by the way!)

The "Show Caption" option is translated as "Toon hoofdletter" wich should be "Toon Ondertitel" which will also make it match the translation of the title "Caption Format" above it.

I have also noticed, that on the Google Play Store, it says MS Pro is "designed for telephones". "Designed for Tablets" would probably be more correct, but I do not know if that is something you controlll.

kind regards,

You are right about the translation failure in the Dutch translation. I was responsible for the translation. Next time when I get the string file I will make a correction. When you get the bare file you can't always see the effector what is meant.  By the way thanks for the compliment.
Sipke, graag gedaan!
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