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Batch Update
Hi -- I recently had the need to update metadata for about 200 songs I have stored.  So I opened up the Companion, selected those songs, and clicked "Edit".  I thought I would get a single form for updating all 200 songs at once but instead 200 forms popped up on top of each other, and I had to edit each one with the same changes.  Not fun.  Somewhat thankfully, the Companion crashed after I edited one or two of these 200.  Even if it were only 5 songs, that's still a lot of duplicative work.  Is it possible to implement a sort of "batch update" feature where one form could modify multiple songs?  Thanks for considering.

I'm going to add a way to import a large file list that is similar to the tablet app where you can select "Import->Local File" and then select as many files as you want. The difference will be that you can drag & drop 500 files, let's say, and it will just ask for a couple of options related to the import. In the short term, I'm going to just stop once five song editor windows are displayed and display a message.

Well that's fine but it doesn't solve the issue of being able to update metadata for songs that have already been imported.  You're saying if I want to update metadata for a lot of songs I have to re-import them?  Is updating the metadata difficult?  I'm an SQL developer so I'm curious how it works.

I'm going to add a batch edit dialog/screen for that, both in the companion and on the tablet. It will basically be the equivalent of the fields tab on the song editor screen, with some additional features to show when there are different values assigned to fields.
I think this would be a great feature. I too have spent a lot of time changing the same metadata for individual files.
I've missed a batch edit function a lot of times since the administration and categorization of files takes a lot of time. Adding additional information to existing files is incredibly time consuming.
I hope the new function will be rolled out soon.

I have a tool on github that can add additional information to existing files by directly manipulating the MSPro database.
It works for me, but probably needs some tweaking for others.
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