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Import of capella files
It would be great if I could import capella files directly as *.cap or *.capx. I know that I could convert the files to *.pdf and import those. But since capella is not supporting android devices I always have to use my PC or laptop for this task and that's not practical while I'm out. Are there any considerations of offering additional import formats?

If the import of capella files would be possible, it would additionally be a great benefit to have a transpose function to display the music in other keys. It would make it much easier to play with transposing instruments.

Kind regards,

Are you suggesting that MSP should accept any type of music file.... like Sibelius (.sib) or Finale (.musx) (or Capella) or any of the many file types from other PC-based music applications that don't work on Android? .. And then be able to manipulate them?

IMHO, it seems you're trying to turn MSP Music Reader into an music notation program.
Dear Harper,

my main interest lies in capella files since this is the format I'm mainly working with. Of course it would be a valid idea to enhance the import feature to other formats of music notation. This could either be the import of the native file format or an automatic conversion during import to a format which is already supported like PDF.

The ideal product would be platform independent (OS and file formats) and provide features for the complete life cycle of sheet music like creating, editing, playing, organizing, displaying, sharing, archiving ... Maybe split into different sub products to buy seperately depending on the needs of the individual user.

Coming back from dreaming of an ideal world, the concept of transposing has been already realized MSP for text files. There exists a feature to automatically transpose chord symbols.
Surely it's much easier to change chord symbols by an algorithm compared to changing real sheet music files, however the general idea of transposing is not new for the application. Transposing doesn't mean to create a music notation app. It doensn't give the user the oppurtunity to manually edit the notes. It's an enhanced form of display. You are taking the notes and you are shifting the up or down by a number of predefined steps. Prerequisit for that is a defined music notation format. But if the app could understand and import such a format, it wouldn't be impossible to provide a feature to change the display up or down.

I hope this exlains my thoughts a bit better.

Can you point me to the file specification for *.cap files? I couldn't find any information on it while doing some basic searches. I'll need to take a look at the specification before I can say whether or not I can support it in the future.

he might mean this format:
Hi Mike,

CapXML is an open XML format which differes somewhat from MusicXML.
The documentation of CapXML can be downloaded here:
(click on "Entwicklerpaket" at the bottom of that web page).

I'll send you the files via email as well.

The former format *.cap is a proprietary binary format which might not be so useful for you. For that format I couldn´t find any specification.

Kind regards,


In the future, I may be able to support MusicXML (or other similar variants), but I would basically have to construct a renderer from scratch, which is a huge effort. This was discussed here: http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum/...p?tid=2492

It may be quite awhile before I will be able to load those files due to the complexity involved.

(07-10-2015, 08:01 PM)Nachthorn Wrote: CapXML is an open XML format which differes somewhat from MusicXML.
You might be able to request them to develop an on-line PDF converter at their website as they know their own code the best. I am sure others would then use it because then the PDF can exist outside CapXML constraints.
(It looks like CapXML is quite specialised so probably not worth the time for it to be incorporated into MS.)
I really would appreciate if MSP could import score files directly, mainly to be able to transpose them on the fly. But I know that's a difficult task.
In case you, Mike, really find the time to implement something like that I would vote for supporting MuseScore. MuseScore can import MusicXML, Capella, ABC and some others and is OpenSource.
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