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moving / migrating database & files
Great program - (initially) confusing file structure, but that's mostly because I'm new to Android! Now that I understand the Android folder structure a little better (compared to my complete NON-understanding just 12 hours ago), I realize that I have set up my database in the wrong location. I have stored my 2 gig's worth of files in the default storage location, with many more files yet to come. Of course, the default storage location is limited and this is not where I should have stored such a large database.

What I really want to do is to migrate the database and the file structure to the SD Card. I thought that performing a backup from the original location, and then restoring that backup to the SD card would do the trick. It hasn't as there are many broken links. (Hundreds.)

Any advice on how to proceed?

Failing advice on how to migrate the database manually and keeping in mind that editing or copying every file is far too labour-intensive for my application, I would very much like this Most Excellent Program to develop the capability to automatically transfer a database and its contents to a different specified part of the drive / card structure of my Tablet.
The fact that you have broken links is definitely not good. Restoring the backup should have replaced all database entries, updated the paths to the new location, and extracted the files to that location. The fact that this did not work correctly means there may be bugs present that I need to address.

The fact that you have a backup is good, as all of your files should be intact. It may be easier for me to try to reproduce the problem if I can get a copy of your backup. It would help to know what path you are trying to restore to, and what files appear to be missing (any if there is any pattern that could explain which ones are missing and which aren't).

I appreciate your efforts. I can assure you the backup element has worked just fine. I am able to restore the backup completely without broken links to the original location on my Toshiba Thrive - just not to the SD card to the folder that I have declared as the "removable storage" in MS.

Happy to provide the backup to you, although the file size is currently 1.4 GB. I will PM you to figure out how to get the file to you.

In the mean time, I was trying to restore to [internal storage] /My Documents/mobilesheets
So far as patterns go ... I have thought of several, only to be proven wrong each time! Still looking ...


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