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Crash opening up songs in a Set List
Just happened for the first time.. yes, in front of people... oh well.. but my samsung 7 inch tab 3 crashed when trying to load the songs from the set list.  Also when using MObile Sheets Pro... the disconnect the Tablet is not highlighted.. which does not allow me to do that at the end.  All the other set list songs of over 55 set lists opened.. except this one.  

I had uploaded the backup files from my other tablet to my Mobile Pro Companions.  Maybe the set list got corrupted when it got loaded onto my desktop from the #1 Tablet?  Anyone have any ideas?  OF course my vocalist was using the tablet at an outside event... and it was constantly crashing.  

I reloaded the file and it still crashed.  All the other set lists songs work..  so it must have been uploaded and somehow corrupted?  

BTW this is the first glitch with MObileSheetsPro.  A great little program and companion. It sure beats carrying around 4 inch binders...
I'm really sorry to hear that happened! If the file is still a problem, please consider sending it to me at mike@zubersoft.com. I can test it with the latest version (which uses a different PDF library ) to see if the problem will be fixed in the next update. I'm probably going to release the update tomorrow as things appear to be pretty stable with it.


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