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File location after restore
I just backed up my library and restored it on a new tablet. The restore went fine.... all my setlists, collections etc are there and I can access them all in MSPro. I just can't find the files! A few of them are scattered in what were the originally named file folders but the others are no where to be found, even after a search, but obviously they have to be around somewhere.

In the android>data>com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro folder there a couple folders with two or three files each. In several other folders there are two or three files... but I have almost 3000 items ....any ideas where they might be hidden?

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Probably your new tablet uses a different Android version than the old one and an SD card is involved. The SD card path might have been changed.
see http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum/...p?tid=2978
To see where your files are:
- open the song editor
- go to the "Files" tab
- long press the file name
- look at the small "balloon help" window that shows up in the middle of the page (hurry up, it fades away)
This problem is not caused by MSP. It is the fault of Android, how they handle SD cards.
@Mike: however there's room for improvements in MSP
- show the file path in a better way, e.g. avoid that it fades away so quickly
- inform the user when file paths are changed during restore
- allow the user to decide where the files shall be stored in case "restore to original path" is checked in the restore dialog and the path does not exist and cannot be created
  (this might be tricky when subdirectories are involved, often many many files have to be handled)
- allow moving many files to another location later (tricky again)
@MSP users: in case you manually change your files outside MSP and the changes are not shown in MSP as expected, check the file path as above. Maybe you changed the wrong file.
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Thanks @itsme for the clarification! I ended up deleting the library and restoring it again without the "original file locations" option and at least now I know where the files are and can access them. I was going from Lollipop to Marshmallow, btw.

As someone who tends to re-organize her music files every so often (folder/subfolders etc) I miss the ability we had in the old MS to use folder names as metadata. Maybe it will come back sometime? Smile @Mike
~got the blues in my shoes~
I mostly hang out here.
It's definitely on my list of things to add back in (with even more flexibility). There is a forum post about it somewhere - I want users to be able to specify which fields the folders correspond to instead of it being fixed like it was for the original.

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