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Small "Handout" Tablet
MSP played an "integral role" recently at an evening that was planned as a regular BBQ party at a friend´s place.
After having feasted sufficiently on what the Weber spat out, and enjoying the high summer qualities of this early September night, someone suggested we should "sing a few songs". Two guitars, a couple of small percussion devices and the Samsung P900 were at hand quickly. "Of course", the setlist of 40 "Camp Fire Songs" turned out to be too short. So the tablet was passed around and everyone selected songs they wanted to sing/hear (from 1800 songs in MSP). 
We collapsed happily at 4:15 am. and this evening made me realize what a powerful combination a tablet and MSP are. Technology with very tangible benefits.

For the next similar event, I´d like to "deploy" one or two small tablets that can be handed out and "stay" in the "crowd".
Would the FIRE 7 work? Amazon claims you can install Android apps, is that true for MSP?

Ideally, the master (Samsung P900) should be able - if desired - to control the slaves, means, when I open a song on the master tablet, the same happens on the other tablet(s). This is not yet available I take it. The "Fires" from amazon don´t seem to have bluetooth and therefore wouldn´t qualify for this kind of ensemble.

Any hints as to what small tablet, sized 7 or 8 inch, would be good for MSP is appreciated. If it can take a spill of beer, all the better!

I have it on a first generation Nook HD+. It may work on the newer Nooks also [B&N has the 7" on sale right now].
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
Thank you Skip, the Nook isn't easily available here in Europe as B&N seems to have left the continent.
The more I read about the Fires, the more likely to me they should be able to run MSP.
Will give the new HD 8 a try.
I would avoid Fire.  I would look for other brands that make small Android tablets with decent rating.  Maybe Hannspree and Apzen ?

Wonder how this would work:  https://www.amazon.com/Azpen-A746-Androi...op?ie=UTF8
I've been using a Dragon Touch 8" for a couple years now for reading books and am very pleased with it considering the cost.  I do occasionally run MSP on it but the screen is a bit small for me for full page sheet music.  So I use my 13" instead for that.  The 8" would be fine tho for reading lyrics viewing chord charts.

I believe Dragon also makes a 7" model that is even cheaper so you could save a few $$ if you were buying several.  I gave up on my Fire (even tho it's a decent device) because it wouldn't work with Google Play.  I could only download apps from the Amazon store which is really lacking when compared to Google Play.  And MSP releases on Amazon is ALWAYS way behind the releases on G Play.
Ohhh...I forgot to mention. I also have had good luck with Azpen tablets (they are my main sheet music readers now) but not with Hannspree. I bought 2 Hannspree devices and returned both of them for technical problems.
It's not too hard to enable Google Play on a Fire. Just google it. There are lots of instructions including the necessary files.
Thank you for your replies.
The "All-New Fire HD 8" arrived today, MSP up & running.

I copied my near 11gb library file to the Fire and restored it there. Not one file got lost (the find missing files option in the settings is just great).
Speaking of settings, the way that the metronome works is NOT saved in the backup (shows LED instead of circle, and audio/visual instead of visual) but that can quickly be set on the device.

Not sure what Amazon means by "stunning display". My Samsung P900 spoiled me I take it.
Still, it should make a nice "handout" tablet and backup.
Wouldn't want a smaller display than 8" though.
My preferred setting, to "gain space", even on the 12", is hide the Filter Area via the floating tool bar and then hide that one as well.
The sound of the Fire is good enough, too.
I'm really not sure why the metronome settings didn't get carried over. My code stores the settings for that in the backup file (so long as you include settings with the backup), so it should be restored. I believe I also saw this issue though, so I'm going to have to figure out why it's not working correctly.
Yes, I definitely include settings with the BU.
It just takes 10 seconds to re-adjust the metronome in the restored library, so no issue!

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