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Vertical scrolling page alignment
I have another small request for vertical scrolling. There are now options to align the page to the top or bottom of the screen. In general I have it aligned to the bottom so there is a bit of the previous page at the top of the screen to give context.

What I would like is to be able to say align the first page to the top, but align subsequent pages to the bottom. This gives a bit of context for the first to second page. And it would mean single pages are aligned to the top, which I think looks slightly better.

Not desperately urgent or important, but if it's easy then I'd vote for it.


I can chime in with more ideas for vertical scrolling.

It's my favourite view and I'm using it with cropped pages for a continuous view with a mixture of tapping, dragging and a Bluetooth device for scrolling/page turning.

Sometimes it's hard to see where a new page begins with the next cropped page already visible at the bottom.
An unobtrusive visual marker to indicate where the next page starts (dotted line or something) and the next turn is required would be nice.

I already requested a way to controll the scrolling speed, not for autoscroll but for the manual page turn/scroll. With the available speed I'm often disoriented where to continue and have to find the place again (due to the cropping and the already visible and often already played lines). A speed where you can keep your eyes on the measures you're currently playing while they scroll up would be ideal.

The last idea are custom turn marks (maybe even as additional property for the suggested measure marks) but not for autoscroll but for manual scrolling again. There are rests or other things in charts where it is convenient to have a page scroll and not necessarily to the next page. That's why I often use dragging, too. With turn marks one could comfortably scroll to convenient parts of the score with tapping or Bluetooth.

All of this of course not urgent either, but hopefully worth to consider for future implementation.
I've just noticed another "anomaly" related to this. If you have a song that is only two pages and those pages are smaller than half the height of the display, with align to top selected, both pages are displayed and it effectively becomes a single page song. If align to bottom is selected, only the first page is displayed, so you have to do a page turn to get the second page. Whilst I understand this is doing exactly what was asked, I feel it would be better to display both pages. This comes back again, I think, to having an option to treat the first page as special and align it to the top regardless of alignment setting for subsequent pages.

I'll have to take a look at the issue with two small pages not being joined when align to bottom is turned on.

I'll certainly keep all the other suggested ideas in mind for future enhancements. Aligning the first page to the top isn't a difficult change, but I would need to get all of the translations done to add a new entry on the settings screen.
I also have a couple of requests relating to vertical scrolling, one simple, the other probably more complex.

1. Would it be possible to specify a scroll duration (pedal triggered) of less than one second? The "Fixed Duration" entry in "Pedal Action Settings" doesn't seem to accept a decimal point. I find one second to be too slow, but "Immediate" is hard for the eye to keep track of where I'm up to on the page.

2. Might it be possible to specify Display Mode PER PAGE? e.g. there may be a song where most of the time you want Single Page mode, but Vertical Scrolling or Half Page for specific page turns. I realise this could get complicated in terms of UI.

Many thanks for your great work on Mobilesheets.
I just updated the dialog to allow a floating point value to be entered for the fixed duration, so you can now enter decimal values. As for #2, I think that would make things a little too complex, because then you would have the default setting, the song override of the default setting, and the page override of the song setting. If I got rid of the song override, that would mean users would have to choose what display mode to use for every single page of the song, or I would have to add a "apply to all pages" kind of option which means an extra step would be required whenever the display mode is to be overriden for every page of a song (which is what most users want I would think). If an argument can be made that it's more important to be able to set the display mode per page in the general use case, I'm fine with making the change, but I don't want the feature to get any more complex or difficult to use than it currently is. I should also add that changing the display mode on the fly like that requires all of the pages of the song to be re-rendered, so it would eliminate the page caching capabilities and would not be the best user experience.
(10-21-2016, 03:06 AM)Zuberman Wrote: I'll have to take a look at the issue with two small pages not being joined when align to bottom is turned on.

I just wondered if you had had a chance to look at this yet.


I have not - I apologize. I'll mark it as something for the next update which I'm planning on putting out this weekend if I can finish everything in time.


I wasn't able to finish the update today, but I'll do my best to get it finished ASAP.

I looked more into joining the two pages when the bottom alignment is turned on, and it's not going to work. It causes a lot of problems in my layout logic to have to detect the joined size of the first two pages before either can be laid out on the screen. It's going to be much easier to just introduce a setting to "Align first page of songs to top" when the alignment is set to "Bottom". I'll mark this to be included in the next update where I have to get new translations for things.

(01-17-2017, 04:59 PM)Zuberman Wrote: It's going to be much easier to just introduce a setting to "Align first page of songs to top" when the alignment is set to "Bottom".  I'll mark this to be included in the next update where I have to get new translations for things.


Hi Mike,

Did this ever get done? I've looked for the setting, but can't find it.


Hi Andy,

No, I never got a chance to add this setting - it slipped through the cracks. I'll try to see if I can add it with the MIDI update.

Finished implementing this and it will be included in v1.8.1.
The new setting looks good, thanks


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