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Win 10 version
Thanks Mike for the great work done in recent years with MSP and for what you are about to do with the Windows 10 version, I think it will raise the work of many, working on the PC, or where there is a DAW, this will permit the use of MSP as a single archive of scores and backing tracks.
I would ask for some news on the windows version:
  • Is it expected (even in later versions) the use of the VST management (including through external host VST)? I use Cantabile who I would love could integrate (perhaps via specific DLL) directly with MSP, in order to obtain a link between the score and the song (perhaps using the song code created for the Korg keyboard)
  • Will The two applications (Win and Android) be synchronized, so you can continue to use the tablet for some activities and the pc for others?
Best regards
Beppino (Italy)
It depends what kinds of features you want built around VSTs. I have no experience with that, and no appreciation for how complex it may or may not be to interface with VSTs. I would probably need to find a third party library (hopefully open source) that works with a C# UWP app if it turns out to be complex.

As far as synchronization between the two versions, it's going to be the exact same as synchronizing two Android tablets at first. You would either need to use library backup files or sharing features to keep the two in sync. You could also use synchronization through Dropbox potentially as others have done for Android.

Going forward, I will start to add more synchronization features as I've wanted to do for Android for awhile now. If there is a strong demand for being able to seamlessly manage a library across both a Windows and Android device, I'll have to look into ways to make that easier.
Thanks Mike,

for VST I agree with you on the need to rely on an existing product (preferably open source, and it seems to me this is possible). The needs are to use virtual instruments simultaneously (or not) to the MSP mp3 / waw player and I think that it is the simplest condition (see VST Host) and the most important.
The interaction with the most comprehensive providers (as indeed Cantabile Software or Brainspawn Forte etc. that are not simple VST host, obviously requires a different approach, including cooperation, I believe.

for synchronization I believe that the example you've post colud be enough to ensure the most part of today's needs, even through cloud storage. I conclude therefore that the DB structure is the same, ensuring the work done. We can then continue with archive on Android tablet without concern about using contemporary of the two systems

Good job Mike, waiting to be able to finally test the new MSP Win.

Best regards
Beppino Costa - Italy

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