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Problems with fit to screen

many of my sheets are only DIN A5, so i use my tablet in landscape mode for them.
I set the scale mode to "Fit to screen".
Normaly i would expect that MSP looks for width and height of the sheet and fit it to the screen, so that one of the values is 100% and the other is lower.
But looks like this does not work.
I didn't validate it yet, but looks like MSP tends to fit to the width only.
I have to manually zoom the sheet then until it fits.
The code is set up to stretch either dimension until it hits the boundary of the screen. I justed tested this by cropping a piece. If I make it really narrow, the top and bottom are stretched to fit the screen. Otherwise the sides are stretched until it fits. So it appears to work.
Sorry, i didn't reply to this topic for a while.
I still don't get how it works. If the option "Fit to screen" is active the sheet should be strechted until it fits to one side of the screen.
But looks for me like this does not work. So i have to zoom manually until it fits.
Maybe im doing it wrong, maybe there should be a button which resizes the sheet to fit to screen?
Are there any others with problems like this?
FWIW, I used a 2 page pdf to try this. The 1st page is full top to bottom, 2nd page is 1/2 full. The 1st page displayed as a full page top-bottom in landscape, but not side to side in 'fit screen. The second page displayed top-bottom and side-side. I believe this is the designed attributes. To get the 1st page to display side to side/top to bottom, I selected 'full screen'. I also tried 'fit width', which went side to side with a 1/2 page top to bottom, and the 2nd page the same, also expected.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
lionking, can you provide a screenshot demonstrating the problem you are seeing? It would also help to know if you changed the "Allow zoom out past 100%" setting and whether any cropping has been applied to the page.

Are you saying that when you choose fit to screen you have a page that has black all the way round the white page?

Fit to screen should zoom the page until the white of the background touches either both top and bottom edge or both left and right edge. What it does not do is zoom the page so the "music" touches the edge of the screen. If you have too much white space around the music, then you need to use crop. If you edit the song, on the file tab there is a crop option. This lets you trim all the excess white space around the music.


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