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MSCompanion 2.6.2 - doesn't update songs if match
Hi Mike
I have noticed, that MS Companion v2.6.2 doesnot load PDFs from Directory by method: Drag and drop directly on the MSPro Companion window.

To be more precise, I am talking about procedure updating songs if matching files are found doesn't work
After execute above files are not updated.

What is interesting, when I use Import>Batch Import procerude, that way works as it should.

Kind regards
While I don't use drag and drop, I find that 2.6.1 doesn't match pdfs when using Batch Import mechanism

Can you please clarify the criteria for matching an existing file?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
There are a number of factors that can influence whether a file is considered a duplicate, or for matching an existing file:

1) The destination path for the file has to match the existing file path. This takes into consideration the name of the file, the extension, whether "Create Subdirectories For Songs" is enabled, and whether "Add Unique Id to Filenames" is enabled. If you import a file, and change settings, then import that file again to try to update the song, it's not going to work, as you've changed the destination path for the file. Swap file is the only way to update the song in that case.

2) A file is only considered a duplicate if it completely matches, byte for byte, the existing file on the tablet.

3) The database must have a song in it that uses a file at the destination path. If no song is found that has that same exact path, then the file will be treated as a conflict instead of being used to just update the existing song.

Piotr - Just to verify, you are dragging a file into the companion app that is a new version of an existing file in the library, it brings up the conflict dialog, you select that you want to update the existing song, and it doesn't work? The new file isn't transferred?

When I drag & drop a file in that matches an existing song's file, it prompts me to swap in the file. I'm not sure why it's not working for you Piotr. I'm going to need a set of steps to reproduce this problem, because it seems to work for me. I certainly don't get an option to update the existing song - I just get the option to swap in the file and replace the existing one.

Thanks for the info; I now realize that a duplicate only applies if the file is binary identical to an existing file at the expected location.

I am more interested in performing the equivalent of a "swap file" should it identify a conflict (which it hardly ever does)

I have the following Storage options checked:-
* Let MS Manage my files
* Expose MS Storage Location
* Delete Original After Copy

The other items are unchecked i.e. no "Add Unique Id" and no "Create Subdirectories".
Note: When I first started I did have "Create SubDirectories" checked but I unchecked it about a week after purchase. I don't believe I have ever set/reset "Add Unique Id" 

I'm not changing the settings between imports.
If I import the same song twice in two separate Batch Imports, one after the other, I get two entries in the database.
When I look at the files for these entries, they both display the same file name (when editing the song)

I would have expected the conflict screen to be displayed (Note: I have always had this behaviour)

"Settings/Find Missing Files" shows no issues

I hope this helps you find the problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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