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TETRIS MODE: Extended page turning methods
Special HI to Mike and all others, best wishes for the new year!

I have been using some new features of the MS program lately, like the Landscape mode with dual page view (and also audio import etc), and it made me come up with some new ideas that I hope will reach other's interest!

1. Half-page turning in Landscape double-page view:

In some cases (mostly lead sheets) I need to see a whole double-page song because of musical signs returns (Dal Signo, To Coda and Da Capo), but the original page size is too tall for full comfortable viewing without scaling down (and page stretching is not great to my taste), so I had to crop pages in half in order to keep full sized notes and repeat pages in some cases in order to keep a continuous reading flow!
Ending up in having to play organ-style bass pedals to jongle with multiple page bit turns!
So if there was a way to keep both pages there, even in partial view, but use the pedal only to scroll down the hidden part without actually changing pages?

2. Side by Side Shifting (double-page):

Pedal Up would make the right page sliding to the left (animated or not), then the next page would pop up to the right!
Pedal down would do the inverse, left page would slide to the right bringing back the previous page...
I think that method would be usefull mainly with 3 pages scores (and up), as in real life with printed pages on a musical stand when we have to push left or right pages from the center one, or when we read from single side printed pages and push left whenever we have time in order to get a continuous read (I often need to do that when playing by myself in order to keep playing, or without an assistant actually turning the pages)

3. Horizontal continuous scrolling:

Single orchestral long score systems, piano double-staves (plus solo staff), quartets etc.
Reading the actual beat about in the center of the screen, the music could lively scroll to the left following a preset tempo, a speed up-down with the pedals, or a simple fixed mode (cropping and repeating original pages by the number of system per page)

4. Multiple cropped pages in dual-page view (TETRIS mode):

In order to choose from single-page continuous vertical scrolling OR fixed single page in dual view, this mode would permit multiple cropped pages on both sides of the dual view, with the same actual choice of page turn modes (alternate!)

Finally, if there could be a variable speed control of the animation (or multi-speed switch) instead of just an on-off?
Oh, and a last one: independent page scaling options (again for the instances where there is cropped pages side by side but with different height)

Thanks for reading!

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