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Song display gets stuck at the bottom in vertical scrolling
I describe a problem I have encountered for information.  I have made changes to my song library to get around it.

In vertical scrolling mode, some multi-page songs will scroll to the bottom and then not respond to pedal or mouse clicks to move back up.  They will however, move up with the mouse scroll wheel and once the song is moved off the bottom it will once again respond to the pedal/mouse click.

My set up is Windows 10, with Display Mode set to Portrait, Vertical Scrolling and Scale Mode Fit Width.  I have a 20" 4:3 monitor oriented in portrait. I use a BlueTooth page turner with the left pedal set to "Go to Previous Page" and the right to "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom", with 50% scrolls.

On my 4:3 display in Fit Width, typically a full page of music is just a little taller than will fit the height of the screen and this seems to be related to the problem.

Even when the song is just one page and it is just a little taller than will fit on the screen, it will scroll down that last little bit to the bottom with a pedal press but it will not come back up again.  This is a trivial problem as all that happens is a bit of the song title can't be seen.  I only mention this as it may be a clue which helps diagnose the more serious multi-page problem.

With a multi-page song, when the last page is just a little taller than the screen, scrolling down to the bottom will cause the same behaviour and will not go back up with pedal or mouse clicks, which is a big nuisance when you need to repeat the song. As I mentioned, it will move up with the scroll wheel and once off the bottom the pedal/mouse up will then work again.

This problem only occurs on a small number of songs.  Other songs which seem to be very similar in size work perfectly well.

This problem was such a nuisance to me I have converted all the multi-page songs in my library into single (tall) pages, which work perfectly well in vertical scrolling.
I will work on trying to reproduce this.

I seem to be completely unable to reproduce this problem. What I tried is adjusting the window size of MobileSheets so that my page is a little taller than the window height. No matter how I adjust the window size though, I'm always able to issue the page back command both with a pedal action or with a mouse click. Can anyone else reproduce this issue? 

Mike, thanks for trying to fix this.  I was afraid you may have a hard time reproducing this.  I am going to try installing MobileSheets on another Windows 10 device with a different screen size and I will try to make the same problem occur on that.  I'll post what I find.
I set up my Lenovo Ideapad with MobileSheets to demonstrate this problem.  It has a display with a 768 x 1366 resolution which I set in Portrait Mode.  I then set up MobileSheets to display Portrait, Vertical Scrolling and Page Scaling as Fit Width.  In Touch & Pedal Settings I have "Enable USB Mouse Processing" and in Pedal Actions Pedal 1 is Go to Previous Page and Pedal 2 is Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom.

I created a set of PDF files from the same initial file of 4614 pixel width but cut off to various lengths, ranging from 7600 to 10200 pixels.  On my wide screen display this range goes from being a bit shorter than the display height to being a bit taller, with a exact fit at 8200 pixels.  These are all single page files but I think they demonstrate there is a problem with page size/scrolling interaction which I suspect carries over to multi sheet PDFs.

I find on my Ideapad that 8200 pixels is an exact fit.  The files 8400 to 9400 do not behave well, and do not scroll down with a mouse click on the right of the screen.  Moving the scroll wheel will make them scroll down, though this behaves oddly too, as scrolling down with the wheel puts a black bar at the bottom which disappears with a bit more wheel scrolling.  Having scrolled down, a mouse click on the left will make the display come back up again.

At 9600 and above, it all works as I would expect it to, scrolling down with a click on the right of the screen and up with a click on the left of the screen.

I couldn't figure out how to attach a file to this post so I will email you the ZIP file with the PDFs as VariousLengthTifs.ZIP separately.

I hope this helps you get to the bottom of this.
Thank you for the files, I believe I have bug fixes in place for the issues you've described.


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