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Backup file from Android, restore to Windows
(This probably has been discussed elsewhere, but I've done a few (poorly constructed albeit) searches and couldn't find it.)
I have a Samsung T900 tablet.  I've been happily using Mobilesheets Pro (and Mobilesheets) since 2014.  Initially, I had some minor "glitches", one of which persists, and, being nervous about a single point of failure, I habitually brought hard copies of my arrangements to gigs as a backup should Things Go Terribly Wrong.  This is kind of a pain in the ass, as one has to keep assembling different set lists, printing out lost or never printed pdfs, etc.  

I figured after four years that I ought to be able to buy a second Samsung used for half the price or less, but, surprisingly, that is not the case. Used or refurbished ones cost anywhere from $399 to quite a bit more than I paid for the new one in 2014. 

Now that there is a Windows 10 version, I thought I could use my Lenovo Yoga 900 as a backup (WIN 10).  I don't have wavs or midis - just PDF's with the jump dot notations (poke and relocate)  Can I backup to the PC Companion from the Android and then just restore to the PC mobilesheets?  I will likely still use the Samsung as the main deal (until it expires, anyway) - the Yoga is just in case.

PS.  Mr. Z. - I understand you acquired a Samsung T900 for troubleshooting purposes at one point.  If you still have it and want to sell it, let me know.
PPS.  Mobilesheets/Pro is the singlemost satisfying software purchase I think I've ever made.
Yes, you can back up your library to the companion app and then restore it in the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets. That's the exact process I recommend people use to transfer their library to the Windows 10 version.

A great deal of users still use the Samsung T900 device, so I need to keep it on hand for testing in case any issues specific to that device come up. Which glitch is persisting for you?


I've scaled back my practice and outside playing significantly, so the "glitch" not only doesn't happen as often, but also has little impact.  It's Ye Olde (Seemingly Random) Black Screen O' Rendering.  (Jump dots still render.) (Can be fixed by scrolling forward 3-4 screens and then back.)

To address a different issue (sorting/filtering), I've been in the Load Next Song only mode, (rather than the whole set list) and that seems to reduce the Black Screen Render frequency.  It's rare enough now that it surprises me when it occurs.

Given it's minimal overall impact, I'd rather you spend time on something with greater potential return.

LOVE THE PRODUCT!  It has really changed my playing life.


PS. Let me know when you're ready to let go of the Samsung.
Is that happening even with the latest version (2.1.3)? Changes were made to help address that issue a couple updates back, so that would mean that the changes weren't effective for you if you have updated...


I think I get all the updates automatically.  I am not 100% certain when I last had the Black Screen but I think it was during this year.  Maybe it is indeed fixed as I have not had it in the last couple months. Let's drop it for now. If I have it again I will report it. Did you figure out what was causing it? 

Another user spent a fair amount of time helping gather information about the problem, and in his case, bitmaps were actually being generated with all black pixels. I couldn't figure out why that was happening (it could be some kind of weird error in the PDF library), so I added code to specifically check for this and re-render the bitmap if necessary. So in theory you shouldn't see black pages anymore. Turning forward four pages causes the bitmap to be purged from the cache, which is why that approach works (as it forces the bitmap to be re-rendered when you turn back to the page).


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