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Dual tablets
Pianists can use a large-screen notepad computer and a slave monitor for viewing two pages of music but other musicians need something that will fit on a sturdy music stand or on a big-band front.   Specialized dual-screen musical display devices can display two life-size pages but the are extremely expensive and the are operated by a special stylus instead of by a finger.    The Samsung 18.4 inch Android tablet showed promise but it has been discontinued.    This takes me to plan "B" where special software allows one tablet (Android of IPAD) to  use the screen of a second identical tablet just like computers can spread their display over multiple monitors.   A musician could cable two identical tablets together in a custom made hinged folder and enjoy a view of two pages at one time, eliminating  the majority of page turnovers for non-pianists.    QUESTIONS:   Does such software exist?   Do hinged folders exist for a pair of tablets?
MobileSheets can do this and I use the following:

2 cheap 10" tablets
A bluetooth page turn pedal
A wifi network
A sturdy music stand

Put both tablets sided by side on the music stand. They don't need to be physically connected whilst on the stand.
Connect the tablets together using the Connect Tablets option using the Wifi network they are both attached to. I have the left tablet as Master.
Connect the bluetooth page turner to the Master (left) tablet.
Do not select the option to force the tablets to display the same page but allow the Master to turn pages.
Open the desired song and it will open page 1 on both tablets.
Use a finger to turn the page of tablet 2 on the right. You now have page 1 on the left and page 2 on the right.
Start to play and once you have played all of page 1 look across and page 2 is ready. You can see what's coming over the page.
Once you get to a convenient place on page 2, kick the bluetooth pedal and both tablets change page. 
Follow the music left with your eyes to exactly the same place on the left hand tablet which is now page 2 you were playing and page 3 is displayed on the right.
Play to the bottom of page 2 on the left and look over to page 3 on the right.

Change pages like this to the end of the piece.

You have a large display! 
You can always see what's over the page turn.
Turn pages at a moment to suit yourself.

I always display page order going in one direction so that I am never using the pedal to page to turn backwards.

I hope that helps.
There is this (unrelated to Mobilesheets as I think it does not run Android OS).


I don’t have one, but I am thinking about it.
Oh, sorry BrizzoRay, I missed your previous question. I use a Donner pedal with 2 switches.

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