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Dual Page options requests
Hi to Mike and MS community,

Since I now always use TWO PAGES DISPLAY MODE on my 22'' monitor system (touchscreen monitor and mini-computer hooked on a VESA tripod stand), there is some features I really wish to use:

1. FACING PAGES TURNING METHOD (shift right pile pages on the left one), so that all new pages appear on the right side, with the actual read page on the left.
No other actual method permits this, OR you turn both pages at the same time OR new pages alternatively appear left or right, bringing live performance confusion, fear and stress Wink

2. ENTER EDIT MODE now always brings to the first of the two pages being displayed (regarless of the reading method), so I often have to turn before making edits.
Would it be possible to change or add a function where we could just press on the page to be edited directly?

I have many other ideas and requests on a list on my phone, but I understand there is much to do with everyone asking for particular things... 
So these are the MOST IMPORTANT and urgent for me!

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,
Dominic (long time MS user)
Hello Dominic,

I'm a little confused about your first request. How is that different than turning a single page? Are you just saying you don't want the page turn animation where it slides over the page?

As for your second request, if you are talking about the annotations editor, use a three finger tap on the page you want to annotate. That's the way to do that, unless you've changed your touch actions. Once I rework the annotations so that a separate editor screen is no longer required, this won't be an issue.

Thanks for your response!

So yes, it is different than a single page turn because I work in a two-page environement...
Now there is two methods for dual-page turning, and I am proposing a third one!
It could be called SHIFT or SLIDE, and recreates a very common procedure of sliding one sided (recto) printed pages over the left pile side, showing every new page on the right side pile!
Then it means there are no more blinded turning (verso), and the actual played page is always visible while we can see the next (or previous one).
Nothing to change with animation (except there could be a speed cursor for it).

For the second matter, again the problem occurs in a two-page matter, where there is no way to enter edit mode in the right side page!
Whatever the touch action is (me it's top-center), there is no distinction when you press on the left or right page to enter edit mode!
But if you say this won't apply in a future version, I will wait for it!
Anything to save time is good, since that is the major reason why no more people are switching to electronic music page systems... and the conductor mad eyes when he doubt I am searching for my options behind the TV Wink
I answered your direct email, but I'll also respond here for others:

What you have described is exactly how the two page view works by default. If you tap the number icon at the bottom of the song overlay, it lets you control the page turning mode. If you set it to turn one page at a time, then your current page will always be on the left, and tapping to turn the page shifts the right page to the left. Doesn't that match exactly what you've described? There are also three page turning modes support, not just two (single page, two pages or alternate pages).

Using any action other than a two or three finger tap will not enter the annotations editor for the right page. You have to use one of those two options.

[quote="Zuberman" pid='22990' dateline='1537029326']
I answered your direct email, but I'll also respond here for others:

''What you have described is exactly how the two page view works by default.''

I am sorry, but the default TWO PAGE VIEW method changes two pages at a time, and that is precisely NOT what I am asking: I need the actual read page to stay visible at all times while bringing a new page!
Yes, there is now the ALTERNATE PAGES method, but it often is confusing when there is repeats in the music... Yes I avoid having previous or next songs mixed with that method by changing settings to SEPERATE SONGS WHEN IN DUAL-PAGE VIEW, but still I am totally sure the sliding method would be better, trust me!

Thanks again,
Page 73 of the manual: https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/MobileSheetsPro.pdf

When the two page display mode is active, you can change the page turn mode (One page, two page and alternate page turns). The one page turn mode matches your description as far as I can tell. 

Sorry, trust me I know those methods, but I need a TWO-PAGE method that always keeps the actual read page (like the ALETRNATE method), BUT with every new pages on the right side (when pressing DOWN pedal), and previous pages on the left (when pressing UP pedal).

To fully understand what I am trying to describe, try taking a pile of recto only printed paper, then while you are reading, put that page on the left of the pile (creating a future second pile), then when you get to the second page you do the same!
This way you always see the page you are reading, but always prepared for the next new one!
If you need to go back, you just take those pages back one by one on the right pile!
I'm sorry that I haven't been understanding what you are describing. Let's try a different approach. Let's say we have a six page song. The song starts out showing pages 1 and 2. With each pedal press, describe for me what pages are shown on each side.


That is exactly how the single page turn mode works with the two page display mode. It goes 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6.

Now, it does:

Normal mode:

Alternate mode:
Refer to these pictures to see how to set the page turn mode. Picture one shows that I'm using the two page display mode and you can see in the red box the page turn mode (single page turn mode). When I tap to turn the page, it advances a single page. Picture two shows this. It went from 1-2, to 2-3. Picture three shows what happens when you tap on the page turn mode icon. It shows single page, two pages or alternate pages.

[Image: pic1.png]

[Image: pic2.png]

[Image: pic3.png]

I never thought I could use SINGLE PAGE TURN while in TWO-PAGE VIEW, I am so sorry...
I feel very stupid since I have been using your program for 3 years and never found that trick!

Thanks anyway for your time and patience, I will now have that third option in dual-page view Wink
You are quite welcome. I was very confused for awhile as you knew about the other two page turn modes, so I wasn't sure how you could have missed that one Smile


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