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Workflow suggestions: Edit mode
Hallo Mike,

It is for me much easier to edit my files on a PC, since the use of a large display, a keyboard and a mouse is quite helpfull.

While editing annotations, I would find it great:

1) to be able to use keyboard-shortcuts to change between the different tools (for example to toggle between draw-, textbox-, and stamp-mode) 

2) if the mode would not automatically changed to "selection-mode", every time I create an annotation. 
I'm for example in "textbox-mode" and want to add fingerings on a piece. After each edit, the mode changes automatically back to "selection-mode" and I have to change manualy again to "textbox-mode" to continue. 

3) if the cut-copy-paste function could be used with the help of shortcuts (ctr+x, ctr+c, and ctr+v), in selection-tool.
Just select annotation (created in any mode), copy it and paste it in selected page/position with shortcuts! 
Maybe it's just a habbit, but I cannot get used to this "long press" on an anotation to copy it and again "long press" to paste it.

4) if " the Edit-List" would show the latest edit on top of the list and not at the bottom.

Thanks in advance for you respond,

Windows 11

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