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2018 last wishes
Hi everyone, I'd like to post a list of suggestions I wrote down during the year that haven't been introduced yet:

- Long press on a TOOL ICON to bring up it's related settings instead of the left menu (would save time by having that in the same related tool menu, not having to move that box whenever it's in the music way)
- independent page scaling in DUAL PAGE VIEW (sometimes after cropping, a page would need a different setting than the whole file's general one)
- Option to choose to have full widht page view when entering ANNOTATION MODE in DUAL PAGE VIEW (now I have to change back and forth from SINGLE to DUAL PAGE VIEW each time I know I will have to enter annotations for a while)
- Enter EDIT MODE in the right side active page when selecting that page in DUAL PAGE VIEW (now it always brings the left page even if I click on the right one, so I have to turn again with right arrow icon each time I enter ANNOTATION MODE)

Other minor bugs:
- Annotations size not coherent (+/- 2 pt) between SINGLE/DUAL PAGE VIEW (now the size is about 2 notches different if entered in one mode then displayed in another)
- Hide ''Load All'' in TAB VIEW when ''Always Load Whole List'' is choosen in SETTINGS
- Still problems with ANNOTATIONS in cropped pages (see POST in Windows Forum)

Thanks for the consideration, and feel free to comment, add or share!
A happy Mobilesheets user for years now,
The annotations issues with dual pages should be resolved with the annotations rework which is up next in the list of things to do after the next major update is released. You should be able to use a three finger tap to immediately start annotating the right hand page though. 

There is some merit to your suggestion of removing the Load All entry when "Always Load Whole Setlist" is checked because it's equivalent to just tapping the first entry in the list.  I'd like to hear if anyone can think of a reason to keep that entry in the list, otherwise I will remove it.

(12-17-2018, 04:12 AM)Zuberman Wrote: You should be able to use a three finger tap to immediately start annotating the right hand page though. 

Thanks for your answers Mike, and as you know I really look forward for that rework of the whole annotation mode, but I can't get to 3 finger tap the right page of a dual page view situation to bring up the annotation mode to that right page in the first place...

Over time I've set the TOUCH ACTIONS as:
Top Center: Annotate Song
Tree Finger Tap: Reset Pan and Zoom

How should I set the ACTIONS then?
Naturally, shouldn't it be taping on a particular page to enter annotation mode on that precise page?
If you use a two finger or three finger tap to "Annotate Song", then it should correctly annotate whatever page you are tapping on. I would recommend setting the touch actions up that way instead of top center.

Woaw! Thanks Mike, I didn't know that!
That's great, a very good improvement for me, and it was all there!
I wasn't using the two-finger tap to avoid problems with the switching tools feature, that is also a double tap, but it's ok because that's in overlay mode...
Thanks again!

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