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Setlist and Database mismatch
Hi Mike.

Just noticed that adding a pdf song to a populated setlist has caused the list to become empty!

When annotating an existing song, I also add it to a setlist called " Redo" (the leading space displays it at the top of the page of setlists)
This add to the setlist is done by pressing the 4 horizontal lines at the bottom of the overlay, long press on the song title in the "Setlist" popup and selecting "Edit Song" (why does "Edit Song" delay showing until after one has removed the finger?) and then selecting the Redo setlist from the Setlist dropdown.

Putting it in a Redo list likes this makes it easy for me when I finally get around to modifying the original PC source files.

After adding the song, I went into Setlists and selected Redo (it was empty!).
No filters in operation

Connected via the companion and this shows that there are several songs in Redo i.e. there is a mismatch going on somewhere.

I have used this mechanism many times before (but I suppose that I may not have of viewed the setlist straight after adding a file - unlikely though).

Restarting the tablet may resolve this but I thought I'd give you an opportunity to investigate first. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
and, as if by magic after several hours of non-use, the Redo setlist is no longer empty!

I didn't do anything to make it work ; other than go into "edit metadata" on another pdf (no changes made), followed by selecting Redo from the SetLists tab. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I'll try to see if I can reproduce what you described - thanks.

Hi Mike
I've been trying to replicate this problem (unsuccessful so far).

I have however found the following slight inconsistency with the Edit Song screen when pressing Back to get to the previous screen:

When a field has been altered (e.g. Custom), pressing back brings up a "would you like to save your changes" dialog.
This does not occur when one just picks a setlist and presses back.
The song is not added to the new setlist
This could result in the user thinking that the song has been added when it hasn't

Removing a song from a setlist also does not bring up the dialog (or remove the song)

This still doesn't explain why my populated setlist displayed as empty (but it might be related)

I haven't checked whether or not other modified fields bring up the dialog.

In my initial post, I described how I accessed "Edit Song". While I did do it this way, I normally just use the + at the bottom of the Setlist dialog (rather than long press of song followed by "Edit Song"). This could explain why I haven't had issues before.


PS Using version 2.4.9 (in case there is a more recent one)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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