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Notes Field Not Displaying Properly
In the past, I have used the Song Notes to enter interesting tidbits regarding a song like the history or background of the song.
When I found that information on the Internet, most often on Wikipedia I would just copy and paste that information into the notes field and add returns so the text fit in the box provided in MobileSheets. That was a pain, but when it was finished, the text displayed perfectly in the size I chose.
Just recently I tried the same thing and was delighted to find that when I pasted the text, I didn’t need to manually add the returns (seems to me I asked for this feature); the text was perfectly aligned in the box however, it doesn’t display correctly.
Regardless of the text size setting and despite trying manually adding returns after each line as I had done in the past, the text displays in an unreadable font size WITHOUT any returns in a tiny narrow text box.
I also tried copy/pasting the text from the Internet page into a .txt file first and got the same results however, if I manually add text, meaning type it in, it displays perfectly.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I know I copy/pasted text before.
Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can provide.
It might be related to line endings. Can you verify the text you are copying has Window style line endings (carriage return + line feed, i.e. \r\n)? If it has unix style line endings (just \n) then Microsoft's component may not wrap the lines. I can test this as well though - should I just copy test from any wikipedia article?

I can't verify what the line endings are because I don't know to figure it out...Wink

What I did just try was copying the text again from Wikipedia and pasting it into a Word document, then pasting from the Word document into the Song Notes and making sure I pasted it as just text. I also tried the other paste options of "keeping the source formatting" and "merging the formatting".

I also tried pasting directly from Wikipedia into the Song Notes.

Regardless of what paste option I used or whether I pasted directly into the Song Notes or not, the results are the same: it displays as microscopic text in a long narrow text box.

The problem appears to NOT be specific to a particular Wikipedia page, it happened regardless of the page.

Note: I was copy/pasting the text into the Song Notes via the Companion however, I tried typing in text manually from the Companion and it appears normally in MobileSheets just like it did when I tested that theory by typing in the text directly into Song Notes in MobileSheets on my tablet.

I also tried manually typing text into a Word document and then copy/pasting that into the Song Notes. When I did that, the text appeared normally.

So to the uninitiated (me), It seems like copy/pasting from Internet web pages is the culprit however I KNOW I did it before and it worked so something has changed.

Hope this helps!
When I just tried to copy from a Wikipedia article, there were very few line endings at all. Each section of text was just one long line. You can verify this by pasting the text into a text editor that doesn't have line wrapping on. For example, open notepad, turn off Format->Word Wrap, then paste in the wikipedia text. You will see how very long each line is. So the issue most likely has to do with text wrapping. MobileSheets is attempting to resize the text to fit the window, and this logic is being messed up by the fact that the sentences are extremely long. If I changed MobileSheets not to resize the text to fit and let the line wrapping work like normal, if you pasted a lot of lines of text, MobileSheets wouldn't be able to display it all because there is no concept of vertical scrolling text with the notes popup window. So the only way to have it both ways (i.e. let text wrap but also support lots of text that the user has entered) I would need to display a modal dialog instead of a popup. You would then have to tap either on an OK button or outside the window to dismiss it, but the window itself would have a scrollable text component in it. I can look into making this change, but it does mean that users would have to know to tap outside the notes window instead of on top of it.



I enabled text wrapping on the component that displays the text and it works much better now. It no longer shrinks the text down to a ridiculously small size. So I think you'll be happier once the next update is released.
When I was copy/pasting before with Wikipedia text, I had to manually add the returns so it would fit into the Song Notes as a paragraph because it was just one long line of text. It was a hassle, but it worked.

It has been awhile since I wanted to add some information to the Song Notes so this small font quirk was surprise.

Looking forward to the next update and thanks!!
It is now working like a charm with the latest update and the text wraps perfectly.

You are very welcome.

BTW - I didn't want to start a whole new thread on something that may be intentional but I noticed when I accessed the new clock
feature (great feature!) I couldn't help but notice that the symbol is there in the menu under Crop but it isn't labeled "Clock" like all of the other settings.

Which version are you running? I believe that is fixed in 2.6.5 but I can check again.

2.6.4 but my version just updated today and I assumed that was the latest version released.
I just got 2.6.5 today and "Clock Settings" is indeed fixed.
Excellent, thanks for letting me know.


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