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Notes Feature Is Excellent Addition So Far
The notes feature will handle much of my annotation needs if access and dismissal is streamlined. I see using it to review notes before playing a song.

Since I use tracks it will include bars of intro, number of choruses etc.
The existing data entry is fine but for actual live use it is awkward. It would be nice to tap or swipe to see notes a n d single tap to dismiss after song is loaded.

Off topic.... having problem with typing... text spacing. problems.

Thanks for a great product.
In the update that I'm about to release, you can access the notes from the top left of the overlay once a song is loaded. Hopefully that will work for you. If not, let me know.
This works well and is good placement with access to other live performance tools like the metronome ex tempo written in notes etc.

Since I ordered from Amazon had to use free version to test this. Also got error trying to add songs... java invalid "" This might be due free version limits?
The amazon update is being approved, but yeah, the free version limitation might have caused a problem.

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