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View all files as a directory structure ?
This is a question for the Companion as well as for MSP.

Because.... when I drop the files into the companion, everything becomes a big mumble-jumble of songs get tucked into only one view. Thinking of MSP on the tablet, it is the same issue: just a big list of songs.

I'd rather be able to see the list like in a directory format, because, I could create a directory with (say) recent and drop in there everything I am working at the moment.

Am I missing any setting that allows that ?  Huh

This has been covered on the forum in some previous posts, but there are several reasons I don't manage songs in a file-system like manner:

1) By default, files are not managed by the user and are stored in separate folders per song. So showing folders wouldn't benefit the user much. For users that like to manage their own files and folders, they can already do this under Settings->Storage
2) Songs can have multiple files in them, so there isn't a one-to-one relationship between songs and files. Putting a song in a folder could mean moving all of the files from that song into a folder, but the app isn't designed around the file system. Finding files through a file system usually involves having to dig through many levels of folders which is usually slow. I wanted to avoid this, and most of time, having a heirchical structure like that isn't really necessary. You can find what you want quickly either through the alphabet list or filters.
3) If what you are looking for is a container for songs, you can use a collection for this, or any of the other groups. Then use the collections tab to view whatever list of songs you want. Unlike a file system, this also means you can use the same song in multiple collections if desired.

It's definitely a different way of thinking about things (songs as containers for files instead of files themselves). I personally prefer not having to think about the file system with my own music collections, because it's not important for the way I manage my scores, but I understand it's important for others. I would strongly recommend you change the settings under Settings->Storage to fit your preferences. 


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