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Problem with strich pedal
at first everything worked fine. I can change from page to page with left or right pedal.

Then suddenly from one day to the other the right pedal is ignored.

I thought the pedal might be defect and ordered a new one. I connected the new pedal ..and the same thing,
the right pedal is ignored. Nothing happens. I can't hardly believe that both pedals are defect at the same time..Both are new ones.

In the menu of MobileSheets for touch and panel I see no reaction from MobileSheets when I press the right pedal...
but I see a reaction when I use the left panel.  I tested all 5 variations on the strich pedal. 

I have no idea what is wrong..

I use a hannspree lieftab with android.

Hello Uwe,

I don't have a lot of familiarity with the Strich pedal, but in theory it should work like any other pedal. MobileSheetsPro doesn't really do any special processing when it comes to pedals - it just listens to key press commands from the OS (as if you pressed a key on a computer keyboard). So due to the fact that you aren't seeing any response in MobileSheetsPro when you press the pedal, that may indicate that the pedal is not sending a key command when pressed or the OS is not processing that key command correctly. Do you know what key command should be sent when you press the right pedal? If it's something like "Page Down", you can test it with any app like a web browser, as the page down command should scroll the visible website. This provides a way to prove that there is a problem with the pedal and tablet that is not app-specific. You could also try the pedal with your PC to see if it works properly with that (making the tablet the real issue).

Have you tried basic troubleshooting steps like unpairing and forgetting the pedal, repairing it and testing it again with MobileSheetsPro, toggling bluetooth on/off, rebooting the device, etc? 

Thanks for this very good tip.
The web browser too ignores the PAGE DOWN-Pedal (not scrolling), but the browser scrolls with the left Pedal (PAGE UP) to bottom ..
So it's not a problem of MobileSheetsPro....

I will test it with another device (my laptop).

This tip helped me a lot... thanks ..

There is another post on the Strich pedal (https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=3239) and the implication is that it works ok with MSP.

The final post talks about "a tweak described by Mike" - but doesn't say what it is.

Looking at a brief online manual, it would imply the pedal should be ok with MSP

Perhaps contact the poster in the thread linked above for advice?


[edit] Also found this youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCmFOqGk3VM); I haven't watched it fully but around 5:50 she says it worked with MobileSheets (I don't know if this was MSP) [/edit]
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I believe that user was just talking about how you can enable the virtual keyboard while the pedal is connected (https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/f...hp?tid=487). There were no tweaks necessary for using the Strich pedal with MobileSheetsPro.

One final thing; this pedal might only support the BT 3 protocol.

If this is the case, it wouldn't work on my tablet because that requires BT 4 (BT+?).

So one possibility is that the protocol is too low for your tablet but works partially i.e. check the requirement for your tablet.

Note: I don't have a BT turner so have no hands on experience
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I've been using the Strich pedal on a RCA Pro 12 android tablet for quite a while now with no problems at all.
Maybe later tablets have bluetooth issues that the the earlier ones don't have.

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