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Snippet songs load slower
I loaded a fakebook into MS Pro  desktop, and used the snippet tool to create  individual songs.
The tool worked great, however any song that I load that was created with snip it load slower. The screen pauses for a few seconds with the spinning dots.
All my other PDFs that were created from individual files load immediately.

I deleted the fakebook that the songs were created from, and the snippet created files are still slower to load.

Any suggestions?

When you use the snippet tool, it's still going to have to load the entire PDF file, but then it only renders pages from the page order you have specified. So if your PDF takes a long time to load (which is very noticeable with some unoptimized documents), you will see the progress indicator shown while the pages are being rendered. Alternatively, if you extract the pages for your songs from the PDF using an external editor and import that smaller PDF, it should load much faster. In the future I may support an option to the take page order, extract the pages specified into a new PDF, and then replace the original PDF reference with that file. It would use more disk space but load faster (and the page order would then be something simple like 1-3).

Thank you for the reply.

The snippet tool was a nice feature, but I will revert back to extracting the individual songs for now, to prevent the rendering while performing.

I appreciate all the work, and improvements you do for the program.



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