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Search Filter funny
Hi Mike

I'm using the Songs tab and the filter settings are:
  • Search Filter: "All fields"
  • Source: Any
  • Key: Any
  • Collection: None
  • Diff: Any
  • Genre: Any,
  • Rating: Any
i.e. none of the filters are in operation.

When I type "world" into the search filter field, it shows songs names which contain this word (as it should).
However, it is not showing all the songs because if I search for "wonderful", it shows  "What a Wonderful World[F] - U3A" (this is not displayed when searching for "world"). I tried it a couple of times and always the same (even after tablet restart)

I only noticed because this was the song I was trying to find!

I see that the song is displayed if I search for "wor" but disappears when searching for "worl"

Very strange

2.9.2 from Google play (no updates pending)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Did you check if the 'l' in 'World' really is a lower case L and not an upper case i ?
It's hard to see the difference in MSP.
It's a common mistake when titles are created by OCR'ing the TOC of a scanned book.
first language: German
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Thanks for the thoughts

It is lowercase on the original file on the pc (MSP Name created from "original filename")

Went into Companion Edit and copied the displayed MSP name.
When pasted into Programmer's Notepad, it showed a lowercase "l" (and displayed the name as expected)
When editing the name in Companion, adding an L displays like an L (as in this line!)
Tried adding an "L" using the MSP editor - this displays as an "L"
i.e. the "l" character is definitely lowercase

Actually, I thought the search was case insensitive; there doesn't seem to be anywhere to specify the case of the search

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I renamed one of my songs "What a Wonderful World[F] - U3A" and typed in "World" in the search text with it set to "All Fields", and the song is still shown in the list, as I would expect. I'm going to need to know what other settings you may have changed under Settings->Library Settings such as unchecking "Normalize Characters". Also, please verify that you haven't entered a different value for "Sort Title" for that song.

Hi Mike

"Normalize Characters" was checked , no difference when unchecked
"Use Language Sorting Rules" was checked, no difference when unchecked

Song Title Formatting %TITLE%
Caption Format: %ARTIST:$(VALUE) - %%ALBUMS%
Checked: Show Caption
Checked: Use formatted title for sorting

I can't see where I could/can configure a 'different value for "Sort Title" for that song'

Experimenting a bit more, it appears to be a problem with "Checked: Use formatted title for sorting"
Seems to be ok when this is unchecked
On checking, I see that my "Caption Format" is the same as one shown on page 25 of the manual i..e. the format should be ok

With "Show Caption" checked again, it also worked when "Ignore Articles While Sorting" was changed from checked to unchecked

Actually, there is another bug when the "keyboard" is displayed - it hides the bottom tof the list when the number of songs just fits on the page (you can't scroll down to view them - you have to do back to hide the "keyboard"). Note: I don't believe this was the reason that the songs weren't originally displayed.

I hope this is sufficient for you to determine what is happening

[UPDATE] Having played around and put all the settings to what they were, it all seems to be working now! So I suspect the only thing you can fix is the songs that are hidden behind the keyboard when the list doesn't need to scroll [/UPDATE]
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I don't currently resize the application if the keyboard comes up, as this can cause the UI components to move around, and is not generally a pleasant UI experience. So the keyboard is set to just come up on top of the application. For example, while viewing a song, if you used one of the features that brings up a keyboard (such as tapping on the page number at the top right and then tapping in the input field), you wouldn't want the application to resize, causing every page in your song to be re-rendered, and then you tap OK to close and it resizes again and re-renders everything. The song view and the main library display are all part of the same activity, so they are configured the same in regards to how the keyboard impacts the application. So I'd rather not change this.

Fair enough but, from a user point of view, I would expect that the hidden items could be scrolled into view (after all, scrolling is the default when working on the songs page; I can understand why you wouldn't want to do it when annotating a song say)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I've written some somewhat complex logic in my text editor to try and determine when the keyboard has been opened (Google does not make it easy to access this information), so I can try to utilize that same logic on the library screen to shrink/expand the height of the lists to account for that. I'll have to make sure it is reliable though and can handle window resizing both while the keyboard is present and is hidden. I'll write up a feature request for this as I don't think it's going to be a quick change.

Many thanks

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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