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Sync upload files fail
The upload of some files seems to "always" fail.
Sometimes with a message sometimes with no message.
I don't have a great connection currently so it may be related but I can upload the file with no issue using google drive client.
Moreover it would be great to have at at least a message that sync finished with some errors at the end, possibly with the detail of what failed.
I currently don't reattempt uploads to Google Drive if they fail - I can modify the code to reattempt multiple times before giving up. I'm using Google's library to handle the file transfer, so I'm not sure how the internals of their library is set up when it comes to error tolerance. 

When I get time, I'll work on providing more details on errors during the sync. A file upload shouldn't fail without some kind of message in the status log though. How do you know it failed if there is no message? The sync shouldn't finish if it encounters errors - it will bail out and cancel the sync if it encounters a critical error so that it doesn't update the cloud folder with only some of the necessary changes. This way if you attempt the sync again, it will still attempt to upload files that failed the first time. If I let the sync finish even with errors, the sync folder could be in a bad state and it would mess up any device you synchronized to it. This is still partially true if files fail to upload correctly and then you tried to sync against the folder to update a device, but I imagine most users would only do this after successfully completing the sync to the cloud folder.

I confirm that I ve tried many times and a file was not correctly uploaded without any error message.
It finally uplaoded after many tries. I dont know why. Maybe my connection that is poor currently.
But some details about errors would be great.

I may be found anorher bug. if i change the file for a song that already exist on orhers devices the file is uploaded but sometimes (always?) it goes to rhe wrong folder. I don't let MS manag the files.
I'm having a similar issue..... installed MSP on my android phone and successfully restored all my files, initially.  Now, when I try to restore it isn't working.  It says file does not exist.   I've tried restoring from Google Drive, OneDrive, the SD card.   I even plugged my phone into my PC, but couldn't figure out how to restore from there.   But, the backup file SHOULD be the same, wherever it is located, right?
First, I backed up what was on my tablet, by using the MSP Companion on my PC.  Seemed to work, backup file showed it had almost 2G of data, but when I try to use that backup to restore on my phone, it says files don't exist.    When asked for my choice of restore location -- Original file location or Mobile Sheets Pro location, I didn't know which one to choose, so I tried each of them separately, to see if it made any difference and same result.  Files don't exist.

This is the exact message I'm getting, after doing a restore:

Backup completed successfully.  Some files could not be written to disk due to invalid or incompatible paths, or an error in the database.  This may be because some files were not accessible (SD card not inserted?).  Using a backup file from a different tablet may also cause this.

when i try to open a specific song or sheet, this is the message:  File/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilsheetspro/files/Song name.pdf does not exist.

I don't think I've changed any settings, but my SD card has been acting weird, like it won't let me delete files and says it's Write-only, which is a new thing.

Any ideas for me?   Thank you!
g.lolo3 - help refresh my memory: are you using a removable SD card for your storage? Is that Windows to Windows, Android to Android, or Android to Windows?

faeriegrove - That sounds like the SD card is dying. On the few occasions I've heard users report issues like that, it usually meant the SD card had serious problems. Do you have another SD card you can try?

couple more questions:  sorry if it's already been answered in FAQ's....

On my android phone:  after restoring MSP, can I delete the backup file that takes up almost 2G on my phone?
Another question:  I upload a lot of songs  to MSP by taking a photo of a song sheet, but once it's in MSP, do I need to save the jpg on my phone?
I notice some of the audio files in MSP are missing.  Is that because I've deleted them from phone storage?

Trying to restore MSP on my android phone...... while connected to my PC...... 
looks like it's working, then when finished, it says:
The selected backup file is not a valid MobileSheets backup file.   ??????   Never had this problem before 
this is the file name I'm using:  MobileSheetsPro_2020-5-20.msb
What is the size of the backup file? That usually means the data at the start of the backup file is incorrect for some reason. If you uncheck the option to restore settings, does that same error occur? If you'd like me to investigate this further, please share the backup file with me at mike@zubersoft.com and I can analyze the file and try to reproduce the error myself.

You can delete the backup file off your phone if you have no need for it. It's usually a good idea to keep a backup stored somewhere though, as you never know what might happen to your device.

If you haven't changed the settings under Settings->Storage in MobileSheetsPro, then you are safe to delete the jpg. If you are managing your own files though, then you can't delete the jpg as MobileSheetsPro will be referencing the file from its original import location. Audio files work differently - MobileSheetsPro uses from the original location unless you enable Settings->Storage->Copy Audio Files. This is so that users can reference audio files from the standard music folders in Android without copies being made of all those audio files.


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