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Using Batch Edit
Hey, not sure what I'm missing in the batch edit feature - I have tunes in several different collections (Jigs, Reels, etc) some of which I would like to include in a master collection ('tunes I know') but when I select them and add the new collection they are now all in all of the different collections i.e. all jigs AND all reels AND tunes I know, regardless of whether the box next to Collections in the editor is checked or not.
Thoughts? Thanks.
If you use the batch edit feature to modify a field, it overwrites that field for every song you are editing. That means if three collections are listed and you add a fourth, every song will be modified to use all four collections. If I didn't implement it this way, there would be no way to modify all of the songs to use the same values for a given field, short of doing something like erasing all values in a field and then selecting them all again (which I think would be counterintuitive). I understand that you are trying to do the opposite (to just add one value to all selected songs), but the batch editor won't currently let you do that. I'm not really sure how the design could be modified to support both ways of operating. It seems to me like I would need a completely different design to allow you to see what all of the current values are for each song (so that you can remove entries if needed), but then have a different section where you would enter new values to add to all of them. I imagine it would need to look something like a screen where, at the top, you select what field you want to modify, and then MobileSheetsPro will list all of the song titles with their current value for that field below them, and at the bottom there would be a text field where you can enter in a new value that you can add to all of them at once. This would let you still manage the current values for each song but also add values to all at once. I could do something like have tabs, where the first tab is the "Summary" which looks what you see now, and a second tab would be something like, "Add values" where it would let you select which field to add values to along with the current values for each song that you can manage. Thoughts?

In the meantime, you have two workarounds you can use:

1) Go to the songs tab, long press each song, and instead of tapping "Edit", tap the three dots at the top right and select "Add to Collection". You can then select the Collection to add them all to. I do plan on adding support for adding to other fields in this way.

2) Go to the Collections tab, tap the collection, tap "Edit" and then search for each song to add and tap them to add it to that collection.

Hi Mike thanks for the quick response. I sort of figured that would be the case. I think my work around will be to use a field I'm not using much (maybe 'album') and make that my master collection, it'll be quicker since I have a fair number.
thanks for your help.

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