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Master/servant options
I was just wondering whether there was a plan to upgrade the master/servant feature. It's very useful to me as is but there are a couple of features that I'd wished it'd had while I was using it. For example it would be handy if the tablets could go to other songs independently - the servants to be able to go to another song and then be able to go straight back to the song that the master had set, and for the master to be able to go to another song without it changing songs on the servant tablets. Quite often we'll play a piece and then I'll change to another piece and one of the players will want to flip back to the previous piece to check something on the part and realise that they can't. Also it would be useful if any of the connected tablets could change the songs on all the other tablets rather than just having one master tablet.

I don't think those changes are a necessity but thought I'd suggest it in case there's a plan to upgrade it at some point.

A couple of minor glitches I've noticed:
Sometimes the players using the servant tablets will change to a different song or go back to the library. If the master tablet changes to a new song then that usually forces the servant tablets to the new song as well but with just one of the tablets if it's gone back to the library page then changing to a new song on the master doesn't do anything on that servant tablet - it stays on the library. To get it back into the fold the master tablet has to go back to the library and then choose a song or setlist and that will bring all the servant tablets on to the new song, but just going from the current song to another song won't do it. Not sure why that one tablet can break the connection by going back to the library. Any thoughts? Should I try a re-install?

I also wanted to check whether the action bar is meant to disappear from the library when in performance mode. I thought that was what the manual said but it doesn't seem to do that (at least on the Max 3 with the e-Ink version of MSP).

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