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Zoom broken
The zoom issues continue but in a different manner in this newest update.
You've fixed the issue of zooming changing every song in the setlist, but introduced a new issue.

But before describing the new issue, I'll reiterate that the two-finger tap to reset zooming still hasn't been fixed - I reported it in my last bug report as well. This is how I've always reset zoom, and up until the last couple updates, it worked. Suddenly it's all messed up.

Now for the new and strange issue - when I zoom out beyond 100%, the pages simultaneously crop themselves.

I'm attaching 3 images to help describe this. One is with no zooming, showing a multi-page snipping, which looks correct.

Another image is zoomed out slightly. Because I want to see the 3rd and 4th pages of this snipping at the same time since they segue into each other and the 4th page is only a small snippet, they usually fit nicely together on the screen.

The third image shows what it looks like if I zoom all the way out.

To me, it looks like some sort of visibility window is being used to mask outside a certain boundary. The music is scaling appropriately, but this window that matches the screen ratio is also scaling the same amount, but aligning with the top left corner. Notice that the corner of my cropped music ends up aligning exactly on the diagonal of the screen. Also notice that this window only seems to affect the first two pages on the display - the 3rd page in sequence shows correctly.

As an aside, I'm not really sure why there is an option to enable zooming beyond 100%, as this is the only direction I ever zoom...zooming in would cut music off the screen, so why would that even be desirable? Zooming out allows you to see more of the next page and prevents awkward page turns, so I would have thought this should be the default/desirable zoom setting.

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SmarTab StreaMachine 13.3", Android 4.4.4
Samsung Galaxy Book 12, Windows 10
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, Android 11
AirTurn PED
I stumbled upon that issue today and I've been working on a fix. It only occurs under certain scenarios, and only when high-quality zooming is enabled. If you disable high-quality zooming until the next update is released, you will no longer encounter those problems. 

I'll investigate the issue with resetting the pan & zoom with the two finger tap. I'm not sure why that's currently not working, but it's probably working when high-quality zooming is disabled (if I had to take a guess). 

If you use the page scaling option to fit the page to the screen, then there would never be a need to zoom the page smaller. All you would be doing is creating a black border around the screen. Obviously if you use the app on a very large screen or a monitor, you may not want it to fill the entire screen, hence why that setting exists. For most users, it's not desirable to shrink the page down on a tablet. If you change things like the page scaling, then you can create odd scenarios where the page is being enlarged to fit one dimension and then you are zooming to shrink it down. I'm not sure why you would want to do that, but the option to do it is there. As far as why you would want to zoom in - people use it to temporarily enlarge parts of the page (either to review part of the page or to annotate), and also when removing margins (although cropping is far better for that purpose).

I use fit to width normally to maximize the size on screen, however, on many occasions it is beneficial to shrink the page a little smaller to see another line on the next page to avoid a page turn. On many pieces of music, the 2nd page may only be a line or two, or a repeat is positioned near the top of a 2nd page, so zooming out a little eliminates the need for a page turn. The black border is no issue, as long as it's working properly. 

I'll have to give the high quality zooming a try later.
SmarTab StreaMachine 13.3", Android 4.4.4
Samsung Galaxy Book 12, Windows 10
Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, Android 11
AirTurn PED
The only issue I discovered with the two finger action to reset the pan & zoom was with using the vertical scrolling display mode with high-quality zooming disabled. Every other combination worked, meaning:

1) HQ zooming + Single page (Android + Windows 10)
2) LQ zooming + Single Page (Android + Windows 10)
3) HQ zooming + Vertical Scrolling (Android + Windows 10)

If you encounter different behavior, please let me know.


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