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Filtering searches involving multiple collections
I've asked about this a long time ago, but the app has moved on since then, so . . .
Is there a facility for refining searches to seek items that fall into more than one category?

Example 1: If I have a Collection called 'Welsh tunes' and a Genre called 'Waltzes', is there a simple way of identifying the Welsh waltzes?

Example 2: If I have a Collection called 'Tunes for melodeon', a Genre called 'polkas', and a Composer called 'Joe Bloggs', can I call up a list of Joe's polkas for playing on the melodeon?
If necessary, click the three vertical dots at top right of list and select "Show Filters"
Click on "Collection: None" and select all the collections that you are interested in.
Do same for "Genre"

You can probably filter for "Joe Bloggs" by selecting "Search: Composer".

Don't forget to clear the filters after use; it can be a bit confusing when some of your songs seem to have disappeared because they have been filtered out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
At the moment, selections for each individual filter are treated as an "OR" operation, and selections from different filters are treated as an "AND" operation. What this means, if is if I select two artists, Artist A and Artist B from the additional filters, and then I select Genre "Rock", this basically says: Find any song that has either Artist A or Artist B and has Rock as a genre. If you added a second Genre like Folk, then it would be, find any song that has either Artist A or Artist B and either Rock or Folk. Hopefully that makes sense.

What I want to do in the future is have an advanced search option for users where they can construct a more complex query, i.e. Artist="Artist A" AND "Artist B" OR Genre="Rock" OR Album = "Album A"

The reason I've avoided this so far is typing on a tablet is tedious so I didn't want users to have to try to type all that in with a virtual keyboard. Now that there is a Windows 10 version and many tablets have keyboard attachments or users can use a bluetooth keyboard, perhaps this isn't as big a deal.


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