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Drawing straight lines (possibly with arrowsheads))
Hello Mike.
The ability to draw a straight line from one point to another is currently available in the highlight options. In fact, I often look for how to do this, as one would expect to find this facility in the 'Line' palette. In addition, the Highlight option is frequently set to a large thickness, so you have to 'juggle' with the line thickness.
  1.  transfer the straight line option to the line palette;
  2.  add an option that would allow arrowheads to be placed at either or both ends.
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There is a dedicated line tool - I'm a little confused what you mean when you say, "as one would expect to find this facility in the 'Line' palette".  Setting the highlight tool to draw a straight line is no different from configuring the line tool with the same color and thickness. Using the favorites window, you can set up all the lines you want for quick access.

Lines are rendered completely differently from arrows - the arrow rendering is significantly more complex as it uses a path to render versus just two points. I can't easily switch between a line and an arrow to allow an arrow head to be placed at either end or both ends (I would effectively have to delete the line and replace it with an arrow). Arrow heads are also not a fixed size - they grow dynamically based on the length of the line, so this makes it a little more difficult to know what you will get if you transform a line to an arrow. I'd much rather have users just use an arrow to begin with if that is what they need. I could eventually support modifying the arrow tool to allow arrowheads on both sides, but that would require significant changes to the rendering code which isn't a high priority at the moment. If enough users request this, then I can raise the priority level, but i think adding support for things like more types of staves is of higher priority at the moment.


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