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remove song from "all songs" after added to a set list
I realize the songs are shaded once added, but when searching for songs to add to a set list, it makes sense to remove a song from the "all songs" list on the right once it's been added to the set list.

1 - It keeps you from using the same song twice by mistake (To that end, if you don't add this feature, a warning that the song is already on the list would be helpful.)

2 - It makes the song search more efficient as the list isn't cluttered by songs that are already on the list so there's a better chance of only getting 1 result when typing in a key word as similar named songs already on the list don't show up.
I think the current system is more than adequate.

a) The highlighting, or lack of it, of a song shows whether or not it is in the setlist
b) Some users use a song more than once and wouldn't want to do extra steps to make it available so that it can be reselected.
b) Set lists probably have, say, 10 to 20 songs (I know there is "no" limit). This means that you removing a small number of songs from the selection list. When there are a large number of songs, removing this number isn't going to make much of a difference (assuming the display shows a reasonable number of items). Where there are only a few songs, there is no need to remove because you should be able to easily locate a song via the index letters. Should a search be required then the user can make a judicious choice of the search text to limit the songs.

Additionally, the user can make use of collections to "group" songs according to some criteria; these collections can be used to limit the songs that are being displayed,

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
In the above, I forgot to mention that a song can exist in multiple collections e.g. Pub (where you usually play it) and Beatles (to group songs by this band)

Also long pressing the initial letter in the Index brings up a sub list of the 2nd letters; another long press of one of these sub letters brings up another sub list (repeat as required). This mechanism provide quick traversal of an index letter that contains many entries (assuming you remember the initial word).

This is all based on an android tablet; I'm sure the same applies for Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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