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Trim whitespace between systems OR add extra scroll points in half-page mode

This app has been serving me really well for over a year now, but I have one piece of music that isn't quite working. The problem is that most of the sheet has 3 systems per page, with a large amount of white space in between. This is an issue in landscape/half-page turn mode, where I have to zoom out a lot in order to fit any 2 systems on my screen at the same time. If I could either remove that blank space between the systems (maybe as part of the auto-crop function?) or add a third scroll point on the problem pages, it would help me use more of my screen and improve readability.

Attached is a screenshot of the song in half-page mode, zoomed out to fit.

I also tried using the snip tool to copy/paste the 2nd and 3rd systems closer to the first, but the pasted sections were a bit blurry.

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Sounds as though you want to 
1) Display Songs
2) Long press on required song
3) "Edit Song" in top menu
4) "Files"
5) Change page order to 1,1,1
6) OK

You now have 3 pages (all the same) and you can crop each page as desired.

You might have to change the scrolling option so that you can see 2 sections on the screen.

Another option is that you use MSP to write the file out to a pdf and reimport it (under a slightly different name) to see if that gets them all on the same page
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If you are using the single page display mode with half pages displayed in landscape with half page turns, there is an icon that will be visible at the bottom of the song overlay that lets you set the position of each half of the page. This can be used to prevent pages from being cut off in an undesirable fashion. If that is not sufficient, then I would suggest using a pedal to trigger page turns, and then you can set the pedal action to scroll the page 25% (or whatever amount lets you turn the page multiple times without losing any content. I would recommend using the "Scroll page down or turn page if at bottom" pedal action. 

You can also consider changing the display mode to "Vertical scrolling" with the page scaling mode set to "Fit Width". You will then be able to make full use of the screen, you can scroll in small segments by tapping, and you can optionally use the automatic scrolling feature to scroll continuously through the song.


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