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Pick next song via text message or email or kiosk device
Not finding anything similar requested, so here goes.

It would be beneficial to have the ability where audience can select the next song in a setlist. 

 Some ideas come to mind:
- Can this be achieved via a webpage with an embedded iframe of a connected tablet? 
- Can the website send an email or text message to trigger this on a tablet/MSP?
- Maybe have the webpage loaded on a different tablet/device for people to be able to walk up an click the next song to be queued?
- Ideally, audience could visit webpage where setlist is displayed and won't have to get up, just select the song...if multiple songs are selected, they would be ordered by order they were processed/timestamp?
- Perhaps set it as a poll, where folks are given a certain amount of time to do this and then stop, in order to prevent duplicate selections? 
- Have the setlist loaded as WordPress posts archive in order to use PHP/js controlling duplicate selections?
- I have some coding experience, WordPress/PHP/HTML/JS, any ideas how to implement this?

This seems to be a very specialised request which will have limited appeal to other users (but I could be wrong)

I also can't see that MSP would have any easy way of handling this automatically as you would have to somehow trigger it's menu system.

My suggestion, bearing in mind that you have the coding experience you mentioned, is that you set up a page on a web server which can display a list of available songs.
As well as showing the list, the users need to be able to "vote" for a displayed song (you can design what happens when a song is upvoted).
The leader of the group can look at this web page on a mobile phone, separate from his tablet, to determine which song to play (and he also needs a mechanism to dismiss the entry)

The advantages of this approach are that you can design exactly how the users interact with the system, it is independent of MSP so won't be affected by any future changes to MSP (or limit the changes that Mike might want to make) and it means that Mike is freed up to develop other features that multiple users have requested.

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