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Not loading in Windows 11
I love using this program. However, after updating to Win 11 I can't for the life of me get it to load? I bought this to use on my laptop in place of hauling books and sheet music around with me when playing gigs. It worked fine in Win 10. I've updated the app, I've purchased directly from Zubersoft and a second time thru MS Store (total of 3 times!!!) And it still won't load!! It starts to open and then just hangs there showing the treble clef sign. After about a minute it disappears altogether?  I've researched it online and tried several different "fixes" with no luck. Same thing every time. I hate going to another more expensive program but will have to if someone doesn't have a solution.....  Angry    Thanks for any advice in advance. Daryl
I'm really sorry to hear you've been running into all those issues Daryl. I'd like you to do the following for now:

1) Uninstall MobileSheets off the laptop. Go to "Add or remove programs" in Windows and verify no versions of MobileSheets are currently installed
2) Reinstall the app using the FastSpring version (download the installer.appxbundle file off the www.zubersoft.com address that is listed in the email you got after purchasing).
3) Try loading the app, and if it continues to exhibit the behavior where it's automatically closing, search for "Event Viewer" using the Windows taskbar, expand "Windows Logs", click "Application" and see if there is an entry at the top of the list for MobileSheets. Let me know what error is being displayed there.

I hope we can get this working for you, but if we can't for any reason, I will certainly refund any purchases you've made through the FastSpring store. I don't have the ability to do that for the Microsoft Store though unfortunately, as you'd have to contact Microsoft for a refund. 

Hello, thanks for your speedy response. I've already tried steps 1. and 2. above numerous times with no success. However, researching step 3. might be a solution. 

It says in Applications Events " The program MobileSheets.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. " ..... After checking Security and Maintenance the only thing I found was a message under Maintenance stating that I had to install a software in order for the laptop to work correctly. No reference to MobilSheets. After I installed the software (it gave no indication as to what the software was) I reinstalled the latest version of MobilSheets again. 

On initial install MobilSheets asked me for the license number which I gave it and as always launched the program successfully. However after importing a set list of .pdf's and shutting the program down it would not reopen. It did the same thing it always does, just hangs on the screen displaying the g clef sign. Going back to the Events log again, I saw that a new error msg saying " CertFindCertificateInStore failed with: (-2146885628) Cannot find object or property. ", coming from the DbxSvc source. If I am correct this tells me that it is not finding the license or correct license? 

It's also interesting that it say's Version in the Application Events error msg and the version I installed was the latest one from the Zubersoft website. My logic tells me that the issue I am having is all about the correct license being identified when I try to open it. MobilSheets isn't creating a new licenses after entering the new license number each time I've installed a new copy. I've installed and reinstalled the program numerous times using different license numbers given to me when purchasing it. I also uninstalled the existing copies using Windows uninstall so I assumed that all important files were uninstalled too. But maybe there are old licenses still installed that are conflicting with the new ones or maybe MobilSheets isn't creating a new license with the correct number? Please advise, and thank you in advance for your help. Daryl
The error you saw reltaed to DbxSvc appears to be something related to Dropbox, so I don't think that's related to what is happening with MobileSheets (at least that's all I found when searching for it). As far as the licensing, if you were able to pass the first license check, then there shouldn't be any licensing issues when restarting the software. It should skip right past the license check as the license information is cached at that point and it's not yet time for MobileSheets to check the license again. I am a little surprised you have been able to reuse your license key(s) though, because with the Windows version, normally you have to go to Settings->About->View License->Uninstall to free the license key otherwise if you uninstall/reinstall, the license activation will already be consumed and it usually will tell you the license key is already used. I can help free those license key activations if needed though.

As far as version, that's referencing the assembly version, which is something I can update independently (but usually forget to do). That's separate from the software version that you see under Add/Remove Programs, for example. 

What I'd like you to do is enter the license key, add the PDFs, restart the software, and assuming the software hangs, please go to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Zubersoft.MobileSheets_m0zk3axhy8w52\LocalState, and send mobilesheets.db and default.xml to mike@zubersoft.com. I would like to take a look at those and try loading them on my box to see if something unusual is happening. 

Thanks for your patience while we figure this out,

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