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understanding "Create New Song From Existing File" during Import

I'm trying to understand this option for handling dups during import. Per the manual:

  • Create New Song From Existing File – If this is selected, a new song will still be created from the imported file, but it will reuse the existing file that is already there instead of overwriting it with the duplicate.

What does it mean to create a new "song" if the existing file is going to be used? There will now be two (identical?) database entries for the song, but they will both point to the same underlying PDF?

Thanks in advance!
It means it will create another entry (song) in the library with the same exact title and file, but is independent from the other song. Meaning you could have different annotations, link points, smart buttons, etc. So it is not an identical entry. It does not copy any information from the existing song, meaning it will not transfer over annotations you've added or any other modifications.

Ohh, interesting. Seems like a rather odd use case, but it's a big world out there LOL!

Going a tad off topic here, but the opposite would be useful for me: replacing the underlying PDF (which I may have edited externally, such as in MuseScore), but keeping the same "song" in the library, including its annotations, metadata, and especially group/collection/setlist memberships. Is that what "“Update Existing Song With New File”" will accomplish?

I understand that, if things shift in my PDF, that annotations might not line up. But I'd rather re-align them than lose all that work altogether.
Yes, that's what the "Update existing song with new file" will do. You can also long press the song, tap the three dots at the top right and then tap "Swap File" to swap in a new version. Lastly, you can just replace the file on disk and MobileSheets will scan for any changes. As long as the file hasn't changed in any major way, it's perfectly safe to do that.


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