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Split-screen resizing
I sometimes use Android/Samsung's split-screen function to show the sheet music in a main window, and a Clock timer or YT thumbnail playing in a small split-screen at the top. 

One minor issue I'm running into is, if I remove the split-screen by swiping away the Clock handle, Mobilesheets goes full-screen, but the sheet music I am currently viewing does not automatically re-size to take advantage of the now-larger viewport (it continues to be shown in the smaller size that would have fit the smaller, split-screen windoq). I have to exit to the library, and then re-enter the score to get the display full-size. Wondering if it's possible to trigger a display reset/re-size when the window size changes due to changes in split-screen?

I'll take a look at this. It should be possible to detect the change and correctly force a refresh so that MobileSheets handles the new application window size.

I've fixed this for version 3.7.6. Now when the application is resized, all of the pages are re-rendered at the new window size.

Mike, you're amazing. I just tested this and it works perfectly for my use. Thank you again.

In case it's helpful, I did notice what looks like a bug in the resize behavior:

For some resize actions--for me it happens when a split-screen is first created while viewing a score, or it needs to make a choice between rendering as full-page or half-page, depending on the height/width of the new view window--instead of refreshing the current page at the correct size, it gets stuck at a gray screen and perpetual spinner. The re-size of the score actually works if you turn to the next page and back, but immediately after initiating a split screen or re-sizing the split-screen, there's a good chance the immediate page won't reload.

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