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What do you play?
Hey all!

I thought it might be interesting to find out what instruments people are playing and what types of music we all play.

I'm first and foremost a pianist, but I also play whistle, flute, bodhran and ukulele. Except for a paying gig on Sundays I'm not a professional musician, I play with some friends now and then and we play mostly folk/Irish/Ren. I'm lucky to have a day job where they don't mind me having a keyboard in my office too. Smile

Oh... I do sing if I think people can put up with it!

Love having my sheets on my tablet and always with me!
~got the blues in my shoes~
I mostly hang out here.
I play Guitar, primarily a Baritone that I built but also standard E tuning. Also do a little Mandolin when the time is right. Non-Professional, but play in the praise band at Church, and occasional other little gigs at local schools etc. I recently obtained a lap steel guitar and am trying my hand at that.

Definitly love haing all mu music on a Table and available at a touch...

I'm mostly a piano player myself, but I've also played Acoustic and Electric guitar for about 10 years now and have done backup vocals. I designed the app because my sheet music collection was getting out of control. I also have a home studio for recording, which is a lot of fun (thought about becoming a recording engineer for awhile). Only ever played with one band though...

It's been great to see so many musicians able to get value out of the app I wrote. It really drives me to make it better and better.

I mainly play the trombone, basstrombone to be precise. I also play a bit of trumpet, basstuba, euphonium and a little bit (tenor)saxophone.

I'm not a professional musician, it's all just as a hobby. I play with the windband in my homevillage.

At my windband, I'm the first to start using a tablet for reading sheetmusic.

To add sheets to my libary, I first digitise(?) them in Capella and print them as pdf which can be added. It's quite labor intensive but , in my opinion, it gives the best/cleanest result.
Next couple of months I'll be busy adding sheets to my tablet (still got about a foot (30 cm) to go)
The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, they say....
The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, but still they come
I play piano, the trumpet and I've been fiddling around with a guitar recently.
I am a music teacher in a music school and in high school.
I play trumpet in the local big band.

I also direct a choir, sing in 2 other choirs and accompany a children's choir. The last choir is where I use my tablet the most.
I was at a children's choir festival recently and the judges noted it was "funny that the accompanist was reading the sheet music from an iPad" (although it was an Android device ;-) )

As soon as I get a pageturner, I'll be using my tablet in the big band.
It's not big enough to display my sheets for the choirs, so I'll be holding off on using it there.
I've played the trumpet for 15 years, and can also tinker a bit on the piano. I play in 3 different big bands, MD'ing one of them.

I'm a software developer, looking to do some work on Android apps, actually! A little extra beer money from various gigs is always nice! Having all of my music in one place is working like a charm so far, and as soon as a 10" Kindle is available I'll be getting one for this sole purpose! (The tablet didn't work out so well in the sun..)
I play a Korg PA 800 Arranger, strictly as a hobby for myself. During high-stress times in my former job it was the ideal form of relaxing and to occupy my mind with somethimg else but work Undecided

Now I am retired and just moved from the US to a small village in Ecuador. While I am still pretty busy with getting settled I will soon have plenty of time to really explore all the fine details of my keyboard and master MobileSheets for a very convenient way to display my scores. Big Grin
I play a rotary valve tenorhorn, and Steirische Harmonika. The latter is an Austrian/German/Slovenian diatonic button box. All music I play on it is in Griffschrift. A form of notation unique to the box. I am anxiously awaiting affordability of tablets, so I can use this program!!! I thought I would at least support it in the interim. It would be good if It would run on my droid3, but it crashes on start-up of the app. We have a Logitec Revue , but haven't tried running on that yet.

Newby here. I play diatonic harmonica and lead vocals, some chromatic harmonica, guitar, bass and hand percussion. I now use 4x6 lyric cards held together with a couple of binder rings on a homemade wooden stand on my mic stand. These have lyrics only, or lyrics and chords, and I manage to fit one song per card (with a lot of shorthand). I'm shopping for an updated way to do this, as it is laborious to print and add cards for new repertoire.
I play primarily jazz guitar but double on bass and violin. Since I no longer have a day job music is my gig plying 2-3 times per week. I have a studio and record my backing tracks for a duo with piano and trumpet added.

When I found MS I was looking for an audio player that would stop after each song...never found one. Was also looking for a document reader. MS does far more than I hoped for. Started using MS live this week.
Newbie here. I play the autoharp and mountain dulcimer.

My wife and I play for churches and festivals but not professional by no means.

Just trying MobileSheets and really liking it.

I play upright bass in several folkdance groups,- -- International, Finnish, Scandinavian, Klezmer so far. I was carrying around several loose-leaf notebooks and loosing pages, misplacing pages,etc. I bought a 7" MID tablet for $80 and am making it work with MS. So far so good, but I had to scan using .png format for successful loading (Android 2.2 software on the tablet). More to come as I learn. Thanks Mike for a great idea!
I am a humble Tuba Player and I play in a couple of traditional Brass Bands (one of those being Salvation Army), Local Symphony Orchestra and also have assisted in local Music Theatre scene. In other words, Have Tuba and will travel.

Have a conventional EEb Sterling (4V) Tuba, EEb King (4V) Sousaphone and 2 x Besson/Boosey Bb Sousaphones.

Currently converting music into MobileSheets on an Acer Iconia A501 Tablet.
I play the keyboard for my church and a small Gospel group. My song collection has gotten out of control, and I needed a way to back it up just to have in case something ever happened. I would die if I lost my collection of songbooks, sheet music, and lead sheets!!!!

Now I am looking for a way to back up all my homeschool stuff too( that is a WHOLE other issue LOL!)
I do digital backup and archiving for a living for the county I live in, but I am just now tackling all of my own records and such. I will be working on these projects for quite a while!
I play keyboard (I have a Yamaha P-250 stage piano, which replaced my trusty Fender Rhodes of many many years...) and I have dabbled with guitar and a Yamaha WX7 wind controller. However, my current use of MusicSheets is in my church choir, where I sing tenor.

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