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start up
the pc to tablet connection info is a lil vague in the help section.....and I have tried the recomended shutting down wifi and turning it back on the tablet but didnt help ......and need to know what else I have to do to connect to the companion app on my pc.....is this conncetion wifi to wifi or is it running through my wireless router for all my pcs in the house....and can this be done with a usb cord also? or does it have to be wireless?
and.....I completely shut off my firewall just to be sure that wasnt the problem....
Im going to try a different laptop and see if its a glitch with this one......

btw....I am not a big tech guy so the simpler the explanation the better....
Hello Trip,

The connection will go through your wireless router, which will transfer the data between your tablet and PC. A USB cord cannot be used, unfortunately, as Google doesn't allow data transfers for apps over USB.

First, let me ask this: how far are you getting in the connection process before you run into a problem? Do you see the popup window on your PC identifying your tablet after you put the tablet into sync mode? If you double-click the tablet, is it unable to connect after that? If you at least see the popup, that's a good sign. If you are sure you don't have a firewall active (either Windows firewall or an anti-virus firewall), then I'm not sure what is blocking the connection between the PC and tablet. I'm still looking into ways to improve the connectivity, and make it a little more straight-forward. Let me know how far you are getting, and we will go from there.

got connected, but strangely the connection request says "acer picasso_e".... it is working though and I got my first couple of songs loaded and playing around with the controls.....

thanks for the quick response Mike, the program looks amazing, but Im sure Im going to have plenty more questions as I try to improve my skills.......
I'm glad to help Trip. I really need to work on the connectivity issues though so users don't have to struggle so much.
In one day I was able to max out the trial, and happily ordered the full version.....seems like a very well thought out platform....only wish that the trial version went ahead and merged with the paid version so you didnt have to redo what you had already loaded.......not a big deal......and havent quite figured out how to control the scroll feature where it is usefull, but have a feeling I will footcontrol this before it is all said and done....thanks again for your quick responses to my issues...

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