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Solution for MobileSheetsPro suddenly returning to the library screen
Some users have reported an issue where they will load a song or setlist, and after 2-30 seconds, MobileSheetsPro will randomly return to the library screen without any user interaction. A solution has finally been identified - if the device has a SIM card in it, you must remove the SIM card to eliminate this problem. I'm not sure why a SIM card would cause these severe problems, but it seems like it's causing the OS to restart MobileSheetsPro automatically. 

I have to contradict: The problem occurs even without a SIM card.

I have never seen this problem myself on 10+ tablets/devices, so it's very difficult for me to pinpoint what could be causing the problem for you. Users have tried various things, including:

1) Turning wifi and bluetooth off
2) Not putting the tablet on a metal stand and avoid metal contact such as rings
3) Testing image files vs PDFs, testing single songs vs setlists
4) Eliminate background processes or other software that is installed that can cause conflicts
5) A complete factory reset of the device

Even if I purchased the exact same device as you, there is no guarantee that it would show the same problem (I've encountered this multiple times already now after purchasing devices and not being able to reproduce problems users experience). So about the only way I would be able to help with this is to either get my hands on a device demonstrating this issue, or perhaps use something like teamviewer where I can see the problem occur and deploy software changes as needed to try to isolate the problem.

I had exactly the same problem a long time ago, but then it disappeared again as suddenly as it had appeared. There was no change made on the tablet and so I never found a reason for it. Since about a week ago the problem suddenly appeared again and Mobilesheets jumps back to the songlist in purely random intervals. Only a permanently installed Acer tablet is affected. So I guessed that the reason could not be influenced from outside (the house), instead I thought about something within the room. A test showed me that a 10" Huawei Mediapad in the same room and operated in parallel works perfectly. I am at a loss -- does anyone have an idea?

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