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  Macbook Not Seeing Midi Messages
Posted by: dallaskruse - 05-25-2018, 12:46 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (3)

I'm attempting to send Midi patch changes to MainStage on my MacBook. 

I plugged my Tablet into my mac and set the USB mode to "MIDI" on the tablet.

I go into Audio/Midi Setup within OS X  and the device is located and online.

I setup a midi message to occur within MSP and when I select for that midi message to happen, no messages are being received on my Mac at all.

What am I doing wrong?

  Chuwi Hi12 Official Stylus HiPen
Posted by: Strummer - 05-22-2018, 10:06 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) Discussion - No Replies

Can I  alter the chords on mobile sheets pro music with this pen on my Chuwi tablet

  Stamps shifting
Posted by: mcrossy - 05-21-2018, 06:01 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (3)

when I put stamps in the sheets, then I exit from edit mode, I've noticed that the stamps seem shifting left a couple of pixels. 
This is noticeable specially if I put a stamp over an existing one wanting both aligned vertically. 
Did anyone noticed the same? Possible bug?

  Editing drawn lines
Posted by: mcrossy - 05-21-2018, 12:45 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (3)

I've tried MSP on two different tablets (Android): in the older one (I don't know with which MSP version) I had a very useful feature, that is the ability to change size and direction of lines after drawing them (when I selected a drawing, a blue line appeared with two small squares at each end, and i were able to change the drawing in every direction by moving these small squares).
In the new tablet this feature disappeared, so if I need to modify a line that I drawn before, I have to delete and redraw it again.
Is there any setting to turn this feature on?
Now it seems that this feature disappeared also in the older tablet when I upgraded MSP to 2.1.8.
Any idea?

  Creating setlist only on the Master
Posted by: aronniasoff@gmail.com - 05-19-2018, 07:56 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) Discussion - Replies (8)

Is there any way to setup the Master & Slave in a way that (provided all the slaves have the same music sheets on their tablets) I could make a set list ONLY on the master and it will be able to bring up those sheets on the slave?
This is incredible useful especially if i'm in the middle of a gig, and i need to change up the setlist a little.. currently I have to go to every tablet and change it on theres. which i generally dont have that sort of time at the gig itself.

It would also be useful in general, so i dont have to keep on backing up and restoring my Mobilesheets from tablet to tablet just to share my setlist..

(If i change something up only on the master's setlist, it will not come up on the slaves when i load my setlist.)

  ID string feature
Posted by: aronniasoff@gmail.com - 05-19-2018, 07:44 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (2)

UnrealBook has a feature where the Master (e.g working with C charts) can pull up Bb or Eb sheets on the slave tablets as long as the PDFs have the same ID number.
The lead sheets name will physically say a different name, but they have the same ID number programed into them.
Many bands use this feature with UnrealBook, & its incredibly useful when you need to bring up band arrangements and you're working with brass sections..

Does anyone know if Mobilesheets has or is working on this feature?

  MIDI on song load not working for me
Posted by: bfields - 05-17-2018, 01:14 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (4)

I don't seem to be seeing MIDI commands sent on song load.

My setup is a little complicated--I'm running MobileSheets Pro on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 connected by USB through a USB hub to Mod Duo pedal which is just routing MIDI to another keyboard (a Casio PX-560).  But that setup is working fine for other apps running on the tablet--e.g. I can play sounds from the Casio with the "MIDI Keyboard" running on the tablet.

I'm testing by adding a Note On (value 60) command for one song, then flipping to a previous song and back to this one, assuming it would send the Note On when I return to this song.  But, nothing's happening that I can hear.  I also tried a Program Change, but that doesn't have any effect either (although, again, "MIDI Keyboard" can send program changes just fine).

Am I missing anything obvious?

  Android 5 tablets unable to stay connected to group
Posted by: dallaskruse - 05-16-2018, 05:57 PM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (4)

I have 9 Android tablets (https://www.amazon.com/Insignia-Android-...B01F055FEK).

They are running Android 5 (lollipop).

I spent the week updating all of them to the latest MSP and spent hours adding Keys and Tempos to my 600+ songs on each tablet.

I use an Apple Airport Express at my gigs and have the tablets join the network and my tablet is the Master and the rest of the band are the slaves. The Airport gives no Internet connection...it's simply a closed Wifi network for tablets to join.

None of the tablets would stay connected to the group I created.  It was a 4 hour gig with over 50 songs and for whatever reason, the Master/Slave would not work. On a break, I tried to create a Group via Bluetooth but that didn't work either.

1. Is anyone else seeing issues with Master/Slave after the most recent update?
2. Should I look into buying more recent tablets since these tablets won't update past Android 5?

According to Google, Android 5 won't stay on a Wifi network that has no Internet connection. It will constantly try and dump that network and search for networks that can ping Google with and internet connection. So ... I bought "Best Wifi Keeper". It's an app that holds the Wifi connection even when there's no Internet connection.

Obviously there was a LOT of frustration at the event because musicians had to dig through the tablets to find the tunes we were playing next and that caused considerable down time between songs.

I don't know why Bluetooth connection wasn't working either. I updated all the tablets to the most recent MSP yesterday.

At any rate ... ANY suggestions are highly appreciated.

  USB and Bluetooth Simultaneous Connection?
Posted by: jeffn1 - 05-16-2018, 05:28 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (2)

I have a Firefly page turner pedal.  I have been using a USB connection because several years ago I had a number of bad experiences (drop outs during gigs . . . using a different pedal) and the USB connection has generally been rock solid.

But, I am starting to occasionally get disconnected and I suspect it might be the USB connection getting worn out. (although it is still usually solid).

So, I will probably experiment with the Bluetooth connection.

But, what would happen if I tried to use both?  Would one back up the other?  Or would the likely interfere with each and/or would likely cause more problems than just using one at a time?

Anyone every experiment with this (or have any knowledge pertaining to this)?


  PDF's importing as small white line
Posted by: Edmund W - 05-13-2018, 04:39 AM - Forum: MobileSheetsPro (Android) - Replies (2)

I have some PDF's scanned and saved in my usual way but when I try to import them into MobileSheets they appear as small white lines at the bottom of the page. Any idea why, Mike?

Attached Files
.pdf   Do You Want to Build a Snowman Book.pdf (Size: 169.02 KB / Downloads: 7)

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